Ringing in the New Year with Noro Yarn

All knitters know the feeling. The rush you get as you pick up your package from the post office or mailbox . You know that the package has yummy wonderful yarn goodness in it. The anticipation is almost too much. You squeeze the package, you hug it and if you are like me, you rip it open while your right there in the middle of post office with everyone looking at you. You let out a kinda weird squeal noise while you fondle the brand new yarn you just got. Some people may give you disapproving or weird looks  but, those people obviously don’t knit or crochet. The people that smile and gasp along with me, those are my kind of people. They understand.

This particular package was very much anticipated . It was 3 days after Christmas and it was that awkward week before right before the New Year where you don’t really know what to do with your life.  Do you start your New Year’s resolutions early? OR do you eat all the  left over Christmas chocolate in one sitting so you won’t be tempted come January 1st? It’s a very confusing time period but, it was made way less confusing because I was that crazy girl in the post office squealing and it was all thanks Laughing Hens.

Laughing Hens, is an amazing website out of UK, that specializes in knitting and crochet supplies. You can find yarn, patterns, knitting needles, crochet hooks and accessories. It is basically a knitter’s dream come true.

They were kind enough to send me a beautiful hank of Noro Kureyon Air in the colour way River Birch (389). This chunky yarn is 100 % wool. If your looking for wool that’s colourful, soft and oh! so warm,  I highly recommend you yarn give this yarn a try.  You can check out the other colours offered and additional yarn information and patterns here.

There was one more surprise Laughing Hens had for me and that was a copy of the latest issue of Noro Magazine. In the autumn/ winter 2016/2017 #9 issue, you get 34 stunning patterns to keep you busy for the colder months.  Just flipping through the magazine makes me happy. I love colour and that’s what Noro does best. It was so hard to pick my favourite patterns but, I managed to narrow down my three favourites.

I’m extremely cold as I write this so I gotta say, that the garter and rib blanket  (pg. 62) makes me all warm and cozy. I just want to wrap up in that and knit all day.

I am also a huge fan of the Cabled Hat (pg. 42).  It is exactly something I would wear. The pom pom is adorable!

To round out my top three is the Pocket Tunic Pullover (pg. 22). Do you know how many pairs of comfy leggings I own that would go with this? I need to start this sweater ASAP !
I bet you are all wondering what I did with that scrumptious hank of Kueryon Air Wool I was going on about earlier. Well I took it to a New Year’s Eve party and knit my heart out. The end result was a moss stitch winter beanie. The hat got passed around and admired by other party goers, mostly for its softness and stunning colours. I have to admit though, I was slightly concerned someone was gonna go home with this hat. Thankfully in the end, the hat and I made it home safely just in time to ring in the 2017. It was pretty much everything a knitter could want soft, cozy, warm and easy on the eyes. Basically, the best New Year’s date ever but, don’t tell that to Mr. Smashlee. Also, lets not tell him about all the Noro yarn I’m about to order, he doesn’t need to know. It will be our little secret, k?


Here’s to an amazing 2017. I hope all your knitting and yarn dreams come true, I know mine are.


Wool and Noro magazine provided for this review by Laughing Hens
Photography by Joy Segovia

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