Who am I?

Just a person like you, trying to find their way. You could define me ny many different labels including  (but not limited to) a mom, daughter, wife, sister, obsessive knitter, music lover, documentary watcher, and a friend.

I see the world differently than most.  I believe in compassion and love for all. I believe in listening to those who disagree with me because, ulitmatley that is how we learn. I can be stubborn and I am very opinionated. And although I have my faults, my intention are good. I want to understand the world and how it works. I want to understand people and their stories. I want to offer my perspective.

I don’t think for a second I can save the world but, I do believe in living by example. I am hoping by showing my “process” about how I navigate this thing called life, I can inspire someone to become a happier more  loving person. I don’t have all the answers. In fact, I’m pretty sure I don’t know much at all. I am perfectly imperfect, just like you.


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