34 Goals for my 34th Year of Life.


So I’m sitting outside in the sunshine on the day after my 34th birthday. I’ve grown alot from whom I use to be. I was shy, scared and just afraid of life. Not anymore…. I’m a woman now. I want to live my best live ever and I want to continue to grow and become even more of what I’m meant to be!

Last week, someone suggested this awesome idea to make a goal list of 34 goals for my 34th year walking this earth. I love goals, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to be breaking it down into daily, weekly, and monthly goals in the coming days…. please allow me to share the master list with all of you. Enjoy! 

P.S, I totally challenge anyone reading this list to do the same, even if it’s only 2 or 3 goals!

1. Read 52 self development books.

2. Read 12 fiction books.

3. Release my second book. How to Knit like a Unicorn.

4. Listen to all albums in my iTunes & fully organize them properly.

5. Complete my singing lessons.

6. Have a morning/ mediation ritual

7. Organize/ declutter my house.

8. Practice some form of excerise everyday for a minimum of 15 mins.

9. Release 1 song that I have written.

10. Put a video out there on youtube of me singing for the world to see!

11. Release my weekly podcast.

12. Continue with Knitting in Pyjamas. 

13. Buy ripped jeans.

14. Do a boudoir shoot.

15. Master the art of pink glitter eyeshadow.

16. Buy a brand new rose gold mac.

17. Learn to walk in heels.

18. Spend 30 mins each day, with each of my kids individually, cell phone free.

19. Pay off 1/3 of our household debt. 

20. Do a knitting photoshoot.

21. Teach a knitting class in person.

22. Learn to parallel park properly.

23. Drive in a major city.

24. Be published in 4 different knitting magazines.

25. Be interviewed for a podcast.

26. Buy a little black dress.

27. Have a bedtime routine.

28. Start project #LOVE. 

29. Go to the library weekly.

30. Write a guest post or articles for 12 different websites or magazines.

31. Finish my 400 stitches blanket.

32. Release the first Smashlee Stitches Knit wear collection.

33. Make 25 epic playlists on spotify and apple music.

34. Go to disneyland.



P.s. If you missed all of the birthday fun yesterday on Facebook and Instagram then you might not know about Knitting 101: How to Knit Like A Badass Book, course and youtube videos. Check out the new Simply Ashlee Website to learn more.



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