Smashlee does the UK (and other cool stuff)

This summer has been quite exciting so far! I've managed to go a trip of a lifetime to the UK ( something I've wanted to do since I was 4 and YES, it was amazing as I dreamt it would be). The trip was something I was quite anxious about as I have never travelled …

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The Tale of Facebook Live.

Yesterday I did something SUPER scary. With my hands shaking, my voice ready to give out and my brain screaming NO DON'T DO IT!!!! I pressed the go live on my Facebook page, Smashlee Stitches. I literally couldn't breathe! For the week prior, I had been preparing myself. I was going to a Q&A called …

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The Best of Knitting On YouTube

We live in a world where you can pretty much learn anything you want. With the internet we have all the information we could ever need with a simple Google search. Knitting is no exception. Most of what I have learned has been self taught and came from either a book or the internet. That's …

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