The 2016 Knitting Bucket List

I meant to write this post on January 1st ... It was suppose to lay out my plan for knocking out 1o or so items off my Knitting bucket list this year. It was going to fit in perfectly with all the other new years resolutions out there. It was going to be awesome, and …

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can you guess the stitch?

It's game time! Below you find a picture of a popular knitting stitch combo. If you think you know what this stitch is called then comment on this post and let me know the name.  This contest will run from today ( June 18th 2015 ) until (June 25th 2015) 8:00pm MST. I will be …

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31 Days To Organized Knitting… week one

Last week, I mentioned I was was using the webs blog post on 31 days to organized knitting to help get my knitting and myself a little more organized. I'm currently a few days behind ( I'm on day 5) but, I thought I would share my progress. Day 2: WIPs (work in progress)... hunt …

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