An Open Letter to Artists I Love. Thank you for the music.

knitting and music…my happy place.

Hey you, creative musical genius, whom makes awesome songs…this one goes out to you!

I don’t think you get enough credit. I don’t think you are told enough what your music does. Sure, you have fans but, what you may not know is a good percentage of those fans are there because you touched their soul. As you know, I’m sure, music has the ability to express the things we feel we cannot say. Somehow with the lyrics, melody,  beats, and all the instruments….. you create something that makes me feel understood. 

Sometimes your words and songs heals me, sometimes you help me celebrate, sometimes you tell me not to give up. Maybe it’s divine timing. Your song placement is at the precisely right moment in my life which creates a neuropathway, an unbreakable bond between your music and my memories. It sticks! One note and I’m taken back to when I’m 4 ,14, or 34. You have helped me in the darkest of days, like a protector. Allowing me a safe space, a type of refuge. You have been there in the largest of  life’s moments. Your songs can take my breathe away. You are the soundtrack to my life. 

I hope you know your power and  use it wisely. I hope you always create and never stop. Please don’t ever stop! By you sharing your soul, you help me understand mine. Do not underestimate the power of your words, your lyrics. Sometimes you don’t have to say anything…When you make a sick beat and I’m having a bad day, I just gotta put those headphones in and listen. I let the bass and music guide me. I let it change my mood. It fixes everything.  You have calmed me, helped me sleep, understood me, had my back when I was mad, and celebrated love with me.

Thank you. 

To you I am just a fan. There is an unspoken hierarchy between fan and artist. If I’m too much a fan, I am mocked and ridiculed. If I’m not a fan enough…. I’m not supportive. I know you are just like me. A human. I hope you see me as the same. A human.

I try not to view you as untouchable and unreachable or both.  The way society, record companies and the industry sets it up …it is an unspoken rule that you by default are better than me.The hierarchy. My biggest wish is that things change and everyone sees everyone with love and respect. Without me, your music goes unappreciated and without you I have silence.

Know that when I download, stream, buy, like, share, and comment on your songs….. I do it because of what you did for me. Know that if i share my thoughts on your music, those thoughts are real. And sometimes they take a lot of courage and guts to write. Thank you for reading them.

Your job is to do what I cannot. Create music. When you show gratitude, I am equally thankful for you acknowledging my presence. I love it more when I truly know you mean it. Energy doesn’t lie. My position is to support your creativity , love it with all my being and be respectful for your process that is intertwined with you as a human being. Respect your space, as well as your privacy. That’s what friends do.…even if you don’t know I exist, I consider you a friend.

Music is powerful! But, I’m sure you already knew that.

Never stop creating and I will never stop listening. Headphones, car speakers, playlists and all.

Thank you for the music.


A fan.


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