400 Stitches #11-20

If you read my last post you will know on Thursdays I use my blog for accountability as I complete all the stitches out of Stitchonary " 400 Stitches" . However, I missed last week... I was sick, and grumpy and trying to catch up on housework.  I was all  ready to go and had …

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Bringing Back the Blanket

If you have been reading my blog over the last year and a half you will notice I am pretty goal oriented person. I like things to have a rhyme and reason to them. I like lists, and schedules. I like things to go exactly in the order they should.  I love the idea of …

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Quick Knits – Featured Pattern By Margo Knits.

The one thing I have been all about at the moment is quick knits. With all the little ones running around, super bulky #6 yarn has been my best friend.I’m finding these projects are really getting me back into things as I start running Smashlee Stitches full time again. They are sort of like warm …

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