Knittin’ Little Summer 2016 Collection – Review

Its review time!!! A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a copy of  Knittin’ Little Summer 2016 Pattern collection. I had randomly come across the website while browsing twitter one day and I am so glad our virtual paths crossed.

If you’ve never heard of Knittin’ Little I strongly urge you check out their website. It is so cheerful! They specialize in patterns for your littles ( aka kids) and I’m not going to lie, I was hooked at first glance. There is so many adorable patterns that range from newborn to child sizes. Something that really caught my eye was that there is such a good mixture of patterns for boys and for girls. As I am a mom of two littles (or as I like to call them, the mini-me and the mini-he) I can appreciate the options that Knittin’ Little brings.

The summer collection  has 7 stunning and unique patterns . They feature some great talent from designers like Rachel Borello Carroll, Kristen TenDyke, and Knittin’ Little’s editor Andrea Sanchez, just to name a few.

The patterns feature a variety of yarns perfect for summer knitting. You can expect to see  cotton, fingering weight and sport yarn choices.


Costal Local Hat

The first pattern that stood out from the collection for me was the Costal Local Hat By Rachel Borello Carroll. Using Cascade 220 Fingering yarn this hat is sized from newborn to child.  I love this pattern so much I think the mini- he will be sporting this very soon!



Summer Showers Romper

The Summer Showers Romper designed by Andrea Sanchez is equally adorable. This pattern has sizes from 0-18 months and uses The Fiber Seed Sprout and Sprout Seedlings yarn.   Since I’m done having littles.. I can’t help but think, that this make the best baby gift.



Little Sweet Pea

Little Sweet Pea by  Jessica Anderson would also make a wonderful heirloom baby gift. Using Oink! Pigments Helix yarn, this blanket  is quite stunning . To be honest though, I probably would end up knitting it and keeping it as a shawl for myself.



Horizon Pullover

The Horizon Pullover by Nadya Stallings uses Spud and Chloe Fine yarn and knits up in sizes 2-12. I can picture my mini-he wearing this and looking beyond cute. And he’s way over due for some hand knit wear.





Currituck is a sweater vest that is knit with Knit Picks Sport. Designed by Joan Beebe this would be the perfect additional to that summer semi-formal outfit. Think of how cute it would be to have your little rock this vest at a wedding. The pattern is available in sizes 6m to size 14.



The Summer Sunset

The Summer Sunset by Helen Rose is knit in Destination Yarn Letter Fingering Weight yarn. Its available in sizes from 0-3 months to 10 years.  This beautiful tank top has a some cute buttons and lace pattern that would make it such a fun knit.



Little Joy Dress

The Little Joy Dress is probably my favourite pattern. Designed by Kristen TenDyke and knit in Knit Picks Simply Cotton Sport.  The pattern is written for sizes 6m to size 12. My Mini-Me is really into dresses right now and this is exactly something she would wear. I can’t help but feel the need to cast this one on first. I can even see the dress carrying on into the fall season, just pair with some leggings and a cute sweater.

I will be knitting up some of these patterns in the next month or so and of course, I will be blogging about my progress. First up, will be the Little Joy dress for my mini- me and then the horizon pullover for the mini-he.  They will be so cute , I cannot wait to get started. First thought, I must go yarn shopping!

I would like to Andrea from Knittin’ Little for allowing me to do this review and preview the patterns. Don’t forget to check out the Knittin’ Little website. All the patterns mentioned above can be found here and also on Ravelry.

Happy Knitting!!



Vacation Goals

This week is vacation week. Since school is now out, the Smashlee family has set out on a road trip and will be crashing at the in-laws for the next week.

It’s so pretty and relaxing here. The mini’s have tons of room to run around, which means mama’s got lots of knitting time. I’m not going lie though, I am on vacation,and I didn’t bring that much yarn with me.  So I’m taking it easy and only have a few goals this week.

  1. Send in my pattern to be submitted.
  2. Blog twice this week.
  3. Knit two moss stitch slouchy hats.


That’s it.  Simple. Easy. Doable.

Before I get back to sitting outside and chillin’ let me just give you a brief rundown on last weeks progress.

I did finish my hat, I did not finish my craftsy class, I didn’t knit on the Dr. Who blanket,  I did buy yarn for the design I’m submitting and I didn’t knit any swatches for my 400 stitches project.

So, 2/5 for last week. It’s all good though, cause I did celebrate Canada Day and  I did clean and organize my entire house. Yay me!

Hope you all have a great week!!


Ashlee Lackovic ( aka Smashlee) is a knit wear designer, pattern writer, blogger and Etsy shop owner.  Obsessed with knitting and often tangled yarn, she loves diet pepsi,  hot pink short and peace & quiet.


5 Reasons to love Canadian knitters

1. We are experts in cold weather!



In my almost 32 years of existence I have seen snow in every month of the year.  So, if you need cold weather apparel ask a Canadian, we know best.

2. Speaking of cold weather, let me introduce you to the toque. 


Know simply as a winter hat to the rest of the world, the Canadian version is just just a little bit more awesome. It has magical powers that keep your ears and head warm.  Wearing one will make you automatically Canadian, you will acquire random knowledge about beavers and start to smell like maple syrup. Bonus super powers such as expert skills in snow shovelling and zamboni driving will be awarded if your toque has a big pom pom on top of it. To acquire now of these amazing hats,  just find an overly friendly Canadian knitter, they usually have them stashed in their knitting bags.

3. Our national brand of coffee recognizes the importance of knitting. 


Not only did all Tim hortons have knitting motifs on all their coffee cups, but they also yarn bombed a store. Check it out  here.  That’s a lot of knitting!


4.  We are just really nice people….

5. And if we don’t knit fast enough… we really are sorry.




Happy Canada Day!!




Ashlee Lackovic ( aka Smashlee) is a knit wear designer, pattern writer, blogger and Etsy shop owner. Obsessed with knitting and often tangled yarn, she survives on poutine, apologizes for everything and like her tim hortons coffee, iced and with whip cream. We are  very happy to report that currently  she does not smell like maple syrup.


this week in my etsy shop… Beanies!!!

Featured in my Etsy shop this week are three beanies that I absolutely adore.

Designed and knit by me, these hats come in two sizes, slouchy and regular.



The light brown hat is  9″ in length, the cream is 11′ and blue hat is a little more slouchy at  11.5″. They are sized to fit the average adult head.ap4-16-18

 The story behind the design….

Last October my aunt asked me to make her a  brown slouchy hat. I was really excited to make her a present but, I wanted to design it myself. I already had a few slouchy hat design patterns done but, I wanted something new.


Almost immediately I could see the design in my head. I wanted the stitches to pop, and have an interesting rib for the bottom of the hat. The way the hat turned out is exactly how I pictured it in my head, and to be honest that doesn’t happen very often. Although, the design is technically nameless right now, on my etsy shop, the hats I have for sale knit with this pattern are called “moss stitch beanies.”

The knitting pattern will be released this September.


Custom orders

I love custom orders. If you love the hats but, don’t see your favorite colour or size you can reach out and have one made to order. The best way to request an order is to go to my etsy shop and use the “request custom order” button which is located the left-hand side. You can also e-mail


If you would like to find out any more info or purchase the hats featured in this blog post, direct links to their Etsy listings are posted below.

Light Brown  Moss Stitch Beanie

Cream Moss Stitch Beanie

Blue Moss Stitch Beanie.


Which colours would you like to see the Moss Stitch Beanie knit in next? Comment and let me know!

Much love,



Ashlee Lackovic ( aka Smashlee) is a knit wear designer, pattern writer, blogger and Etsy shop owner.  Obsessed with knitting and often tangled yarn, she loves PJS, the colour pink and her iPod.




100 Rejection letters here I come!!!

Last week I wrote about how I was going to be brave and start a 100 rejection email challenge. I love designing but, its scary putting your self out there to essentially be judged by magazine and book editors.

I’m still feeling rather brave so, after I wrote last Wednesday’s blog post , I went on Ravelry and searched the forums and groups for call for  submission posts.

Didn’t take me long to find one, and after briefly reading it. I printed it out and told Mr. Smashlee the plan. After throwing some ideas around we came up with a pretty cool design. I sketched it out and opened up an excel spreadsheet to start on the pattern.

There’s one tiny tiny problem though,  the magazine I’m submitting to doesn’t have yarn support. Meaning  I supply my own yarn. This is good and bad. Good because I get more freedom in the design, since I get to choose the yarn. Bad because, my design is colourful and I don’t have much of yarn stash (by choice). I live in tiny town with no LYS, and there’s not a enough time before the submission deadline to order anything online. This means I have to convince Mr. Smashlee that we need to go on a road trip (4 hours driving round trip ) to get yarn, for a design I may or may not get to publish.

Well guess what? mr. Smashlee deserves a shout out here. Cause I got my yarn yesterday.

Now, I’m knitting away on my gauge swatch. I’m still really excited about this project and can’t wait to finish the swatch.

Only time will tell what the outcome of this all will be but, I do have a back up plan for if the design gets rejected.  And as of right now, Im okay with the possibility of rejection. I suppose that should change though.

Until next week, keep being brave & Thanks for reading!!


Pattern Writing 101

Recently, I completed a design course called “pattern writing 101” from KnitDesigns by Tian.

As many of you already know I’ve designed and sell a few pattern on Ravelry and my etsy shop. For the most part, I was winging it. I studied how other designers wrote their patterns and essentially taught myself how to pattern write. I understand the math, of knitting and  I can look at a garment are figure out how it was  made/knit. This was all I needed, right??

Nope! Tian’s course really gets down to the nitty gritty of pattern writing . Besides the fine tune details, you really get to look in yourself and figure out who you are as a designer. What do you want to achieve?  How far do you want to go?

The best part of course though is the feeling you get when you e-mail back and forth with Tian. It’s almost like she’s there holding your hand though the scary bits and will be your biggest cheerleader.

At the end of the course you will have written a full written pattern, that you have designed yourself! Yay you!!


Mine is ready to go and waiting on photography ( and for me to get back from holidays).  I am so excited to release this pattern so, look for coming very very soon!

If you want to dabble in design wether part or full time I strongly suggest her course(s), because more than knowledge of the in and outs of design, I gained the confidence to call myself a designer, take risks and grow out of my knitting comfort zone.  Thank you Tian!
You can find Tian on her website  , twitter and Ravelry .

Thanks for reading! And as Tian always says, You got this!!!






Monday = goal setting! Let’s do this!!

Last week I posted 4 goals I wanted to accomplish with my knitting. You can read last weeks post here but, as quick recap I had 4 main goals.

1. Finish the peacock blanket

2.  Knit a tutu

3. Blog everyday

4. Knit myself a hat.

I’m very proud to say most of the list is done!!

The peacock blanket is done ! Read more about that adventure here.

The knit tutus are done and have been delivered to their new home.

I almost blogged everyday. I think 5/7 days. I didn’t blog this past weekend. I kinda ran out of steam but, after some super nice texts from my sister in law, I am prepared for the upcoming week and blogging on!

Sadly, my hat was the only project not finished. It’s on my needles right now and ready to be knit as soon as I’m done this blog post!
3.5/4 Ain’t bad!! Go Smashlee!!

So what’s on the goal list this week…

  1. Finish my hat!
  2. Finish my craftsy class
  3. Add 1 columns of squares to dr. Who blanket.
  4. Order/buy  yarn for design project that I’m submitting
  5. Knit 25 swatches from 400 stitches and sew them on the blanket!

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff but, I got this!!

What goals do you have this week? Comment and let me know!!



Third time is a charm!

I was gonna do a Pinterest post tonight but…. I got something better to blog about.

After crocheting an afghan and then 102 peacock feathers. Then sewing 102 peacock feathers on the blanket. Then deciding I hate it. Then taking 102 peacock feathers off the blanket. Ruining 5 peacock feathers. crocheting 5 more peacock feathers. Crocheting 102 peacock feathers on blanket. Deciding I hate it. Undoing a stupid amount of slip stitches and single crochets. Then re sewing on 102 peacock feathers back on the blanket, I am proud to say the peacock blanket is finally finished!

Celebration drinks anyone? 

For those looking for the pattern you can buy it from ravelry here.  

It’s not as difficult as I make it out to be… It’s just crochet is not my first language. 

Either way, I’m very happy with how it turned out!!

Happy Friday!!!!!


10 really bad knitting habits and how to solve them.

Just like everything knitters develop bad habits… Here’s a handy list on how to fix the worst bad habits. Your welcome.
Habit #1: Leaving your yarn everywhere.


Eventually someone.. a toddler, a pet , a significant other or a well meaning friend, will touch your yarn. They will mess up your project or stash . Put the yarn away!!
Habit #2:  Holding on to projects you know you will never finish.



Let the projects you hate go…pour 4 alcoholic drinks, drink them and take all projects you hate and throw them in the trash. Then take them out of the trash, cry, pour a shot and then throw it back in the trash. Go in to fridge and find really old leftovers. Throw moody leftovers on top of the project. Tie up the trash and take it outside to garbage can . Word of caution: walk slowly!!! You’ve been drinking and I don’t want you to trip and fall.
Habit #3: Not owning enough scissors.


Basically, buy as many scissors as possible and stash them in random places in your house, but not where anyone ( including you)  would find them. You don’t want someone to stumble upon them by accident.  Make yourself a treasure map and mark a X for every place you hid a pair scissors. Then roll up the map and bury it in your backyard.

Habit #4: Thinking you can knit every single person you know a Christmas gift.


It’s never going to happen. Buy people useless stuff instead.
Habit #5:  Knitting for a long period of time without stopping.



Set your iPhone alarm to go off at a time you think you should stop knitting. and when it goes off follow these steps.

If you have been knitting for less than 12 hours… your good, carry on knitting.

If you have been knitting for 12 hours… Take an Advil to stop the swelling in your hands. Carry on knitting.

If you have been knitting for 24 hours… Go pee then carry on knitting.

If you have been knitting for 36 hours… Eat something then carry on knitting.

If you have been knitting for 48 hours. Take a shower cause you probably don’t smell good… then carry on knitting

Anything above 48 hours… check if  your hands have fallen off yet? No? Okay carry on knitting.

Habit #6: Knitting in public without being prepared to answer the following questions/comments.


Question: What are you knitting?  Answer: stuff

Question: Can you make me one?  Answer: No.

Question: You should sell your stuff on-line. How much would you charge for ( fill in blank)?

Answer: OMG! You are sooo right.  I charge $1,000,000 plus yarn.

Comment: Wow, your so patient. Reply: I’m not really.

Comment: My grandma knits!  Reply: That’s cool. I’m not 90 though.. Oh no…please don’t tell me this knitting makes me look old. I should stop.

Remember, smile and use your happy voice. Do not under any circumstances stab anyone with knitting needles. Even if you lost count of what stitch you were on.

Habit #7:  Not bringing a project with you everywhere you go.


Bring every knitting project you own. Plus extra yarn and knitting needles and do not under any circumstances forget your extensive pattern collection. You never know when your going to run into a situation knitting will prevent you from losing your cool. And be honest… Most of us knit so that we don’t kill people.
Habit #8: Not celebrating your knitting wins.



Just finished a big project? Order some yarn.  Just knit a stitch successfully? Order some yarn. Just scored a really good deal on yarn? Order some yarn.

Habit #9: Not mourning your knitting losses.

8bf3b62bcb8c5e7a4165983ab4cfde83Didn’t read the pattern right? Order some yarn. Dropped a stitch ? Order some yarn. Frogged 10,000,000 stitches ? Order lots of yarn.

Habit #10: Having too much yarn.


Hahaha just kidding… Is this a thing?!

Ernie Sweaters

We all love Ernie. His big orange face, his fuzzy black hair, his rubber Duckie and of course, his stripped sweater. There’s something about those stripes that brings a smile to face and remember my childhood.


I never really considered that his sweater was knit until I saw a pattern for an Ernie sweater in the book, Son of a Stitch and Bitch by Debbie Stroller . It features an adult sized sweater and is knit with yarn that is the perfect shades of bight blue, red, yellow and white. The raglan sweater is knit in pieces and seamed together.

A smashlee stitches Halloween

I’ve made ALOT of ernie sweaters but, i’ve only ever knit one from Debbie’s pattern. Simply because, up until very recently I hated seaming. Everything I knit, including sweaters was seamless.


When I started offering custom made ernie sweaters in my etsy shop, I would knit each one using the techniques in the book The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee .  I used a basic raglan sweater design and mimicked the stripe sequence on the original sweater. Because Jacqueline’s book is so diverse, she teaches you how to size any sweater. This enabled me to make everything from baby to adult sweaters.


These sweaters went to customers around the world including  Canada, the US & Germany.  My favourite one being a custom sweater that got sent to Brooklyn, New York. This was a Christmas present for the daughter of a lady who worked on the Sesame Street set. I was truly blessed to get make so many of these sweaters!


The last Ernie sweater I knit was about a two years go… but, I’m starting to get the itch to make more… This time I might attempt the seamed sweater again. Just to mix it up.

And who knows maybe if I can master vertical stripes, knock our a few Bert sweaters too.

I better get to work….


P.S. This post was brought to by the letters K & P and the number 2.





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