Baby boy knitting 

this Fall I’m going to have a lot of baby knitting to do… No, no, not for me but, for two of my BFFs that are having baby boys.

Girls are easy to knit for but, for boys the patterns are limited.

I’ve narrowed it down 5 options for projects that I think would look so cute on my friends babies. Here they are…

Combat booties 


Classic blanket and hat   

Cabled sleep sack  

 I have such a hard time deciding on what would make the best gift. Help me decide! Comment and  let me know which is your favorite! 

Thanks for reading !



is it bedtime yet?!?!

It is one hour before the mini’s bedtime and I CANNOT wait. 

This week knitting time has been few and far between. There’s too much house work, too many errands and not enough free time to sit and knit away.

I feel like my whole day from like 7 AM on is spent cleaning up messes, making food and changing diapers. It’s exhausting. 

I have wonderful knitting intentions. I start out every day with a list of projects I want to get done and I’m lucky if one of those items gets done.

Today I have spent zero time knitting, which is probably why I have nothing interesting to say today on the subject.


the lonely knitting bag…

As the clock is ticking away (slowly)  towards the mini’s bed time I dream of the moment of my when I plop down on the couch and grab my needles and knit until I can’t keep eyes open any longer.

I know , I know, one day they won’t be so mini anymore and I will have an abundance of knitting time but, that doesn’t stop the fact I could seriously use some un-interrupted knitting therapy.

But, before I can indulge I must read stories, find teddy bears and kiss little foreheads.

Goodnight all.


Mr. Smashlee and his slippers

Ok, I’m just come out and say it… bucket list item #43. Knit my husband something he will actually wear on a regular basis. IS COMPLETED!!!

By all appearances this  bucket list item was suppose to be an easy one. But it wasn’t…

He’s a pretty picky guy. Sometimes this is a good thing. But most times it’s annoying. 

I made two pairs of slippers before I satisfied his standards. remember my last post about this?  Ya, i thought I had it all figured out but, apparently not.

There’s was two disagreement about the last pair.I was fixing the ribbing on the slippers when mr. Smashlee “suggested”  the stitches be tighter  and the he “reminded” me there should be no hint of a seam anywhere on the slipper. I only threw my needles once ( not at him directly, just in his general direction) but, we survived rid and I’m happy to say we are still married.

 I went down three needle sizes, used up 1.5 jumbo balls of black yarn, took three slipper patterns and combined them into one and became fluent in Kitchener stitch

The result ? A pair of slippers he says he loves. Well, he actually said “these are good ” but, that’s mr. Smashlee speak for “I love them, you are an amazing knitter! thank you for taking the time to make these perfect! I will wear them constantly even when it’s +40 outside.”

 We all know action speaks louder then words. He  was wearing them when he got up this morning so, either he really does love them or his afraid I won’t say nice things about him on my blog.

Unfortunately my sneaky tactics of getting a picture of him in these slippers didn’t work. So, here’s me wearing them instead.

you’ll have to take my word for it, but he was wearing them most of the day. he did go outside and changed into his shoes and I’ll be honest that kinda irked me. But whatever, I suppose I should be reasonable and allow him to wear shoes.

He does think I should make slippers for the whole family now, including our 2 year old who would probably just end up eating them, instead of wearing them. This over the top flattery kinda makes me think he’s sucking up to me and wants a PS4 for his birthday.

 I’m not aganist this tactic.   I’m  cool with spending $500 on a birthday present but, he cannot take off his slippers.EVER!!!!!!

Thanks for reading!


Back to regularly scheduled knitting….and blogging.

The past two weeks I decided to take a little Smashlee stitches /blog  vacation.  My birthday was last week and I decided to just take some time to relax, knit and catch up on some Netflix.

Mr. Smashlee was also on holidays from work so, we did take some time and surprised the minis with a trip to an amusement park. 

I had no idea how exhausting that would be. I did nothing for two days after ; I was so tired. Almost like I had a popcorn, mini donuts, Pop, bumper car hangover. It was brutal. I didn’t even knit on 3 hours car ride home. Knitting seemed just too strenuous. The plus side is, the mini’s had a blast and we made some great memories.

My birthday revolved around Chinese food, British murder mystery shows from 1980s, sweat pants and the pinkest yummiest cupcakes I could find. Oh ya, and I knit too. Pretty much  a perfect Smashlee day.

So, now that my “vacation” is over let me show you what I knit over theses past 2 weeks. 

I’ve been a bit obsessed with slippers as you can see… And that is literally all I knit. I aimed for one pair a day, which didn’t exactly happen but, I’m still impressed with my progress.


These three pairs are for going to be for sale this fall . they are seamless, double soled and seriously amazingly comfortable. 

 The black pair is mr. Smashlee slippers. Yes, they are done but,there is a story behind them so, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to hear about that. 
The red pair is the Ottawa Senators pair that is being donated to CHEO.

And the grey pair is for one my BFF’s future minis. 

There’s is another pair that is not featured here, as they being “felted” at the moment. I’ll be showing them off later this week.

The agenda for the next few days include slippers, slippers and slippers. And then on the weekend FINALLY finishing my moms sweater. But, in the meantime I’m stuck on what colour to use on my next pair of slippers, so please comment on this post  with your colour combo ideas. I’m thinking pink, pink and pink but, I know everyone doesn’t like pink as much as I do….

Thanks for reading!


5 Fun Knitting Sock Patterns

I’m trying to get out of my knitting sock slump. Pinterest is usually where I turn to for inspiration and I thought I would share some great patterns that  I’ve found! These socks are pretty cool looking and I think I might need to cast on ASAP.
Rubber duck socks

Skull socks

Fish in the sea 

Skew pattern

Tiger toe socks 

What’s your favorite sock pattern? Comment and let me know.

Thanks for reading!


The sweater dress that escaped from the knitting closet of doom…

As I looking through my closet of bad knitting projects, I came across something that pulled at my heart strings.

When I found out I was pregnant with the mini-me I was still in my first year of knitting. I had made and completely ( not always successfully) about 15 projects but, since a new baby was coming I obviously had to knit for the future mini. 

I waited until I found out if the mini was he or she and quickly orders pink yarn. I had a sweater dress and cocoon to make.

If you are a long time reader of my blog you may have already have seen the cocoon.  

   I don’t really talk about the sweater dress. Not because it was bad project. I completed it , it functional and very pretty. I’m actually kind of impressed that it turned out the way it did. The problem with this sweater dress was simply, that it was just was never used.
The mini-me weighed only 6 lbs when she was born so, I tucked the sweater dress away. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t fit her till she was 9 months old or so. Well, when that time came , I was so tired and drained of energy because she never ever slept, that no one in our house wore anything but, pjs. I mean, why get dressed? If there was a chance to sleep I was  gonna take it.

  Well, the months dragged on and the mini out  grew it ( or so i thought) and I sort of just forgot about the sweater dress until today.

I pulled it out of the closet, remembering my good intentions and wishing she was little baby again. The sleep deprivation wasn’t really that bad, was it?

As I was looking at the dress the mini- me comes in to the room and says        ” mom, did you knit me shirt?”

“No hunny, it’s a dress mommy made when you when you were a baby.”

“No, Mommy it’s a shirt, see?” And she puts it on… And it fits… 5 years later.

So I suppose, in the end the mini-me knows best. It is hers after all. Time will tell if she will ever wear it as a shirt. But for now it will sit in her drawer and not in the knitting closet of doom.
Thanks for reading!


I think we are finally getting somewhere…

Today I finished one of mr. Smashlee  slippers. I wasn’t sure how he would like it. 

Before, I presented him with this slipper I had to make sure, mr. Smashlee was in was a good mood. 

I made sure he was well fed, watered and had gotten some sun. I let him sleep in till noon and even spent the majority of day cleaning my house. Once everything was in place , I presented him with the slipper to try on.

He nodded his head and said ” not too bad at all! It snug on my foot, which I really like. It fits really good, there’s no seam, I think they will work.”

HA, I think I’ve done it! He likes the slipper!!! 

I would tell you about the little happy dance I did when he left the room but, you’d probably laugh at me so I’ll leave that part of story out.

Now, call me crazy but, I think I’m going to remake the slipper. Upon closer examination I’ve decided that the ribbing should be tighter. I need to take out like 2 stitches. I could leave it and it would be fine but, it’s gonna drive me crazy. 

I want him to wear these slippers and I know he would appericate them tighter so, tonight and tomorrow I will re-make them, Add the double sole and grippy bottoms.

Even though it’s mid summer and crazy hot, he better wear them and never ever ever take them off. Just kidding… Not really… Well okay, he can take them off when he showers, after he tells me how much he loves them.

Thanks for reading!!

Mr. Smashlee still has no slippers…

Today is suppose to be knit for Mr. Smashlee day.

He wants slippers, I know how to make slippers. Easy enough. right? Nope.

First of he has a list of his perfect slipper.

  1. must be black and only black
  2. must not fit loosely
  3. must accommodate wide feet (never knew Mr.Smashlee had wide feet till a week ago)
  4. must not be too tight.
  5. must have thick enough soles so he cannot feel crumbs on the floor.
  6. must have grippy bottoms,
  7. would prefer is slippers had heel and ankle but, its not a must.
  8. Mrs. Smashlee must understand that if Mr. Smashlee does not like slippers, that they will not be worn and therefore can be sold in Smashlee Stitches Etsy shop under the section called “Mr. Smashlee’s Rejects.” (he seriously suggested that..)

In print, the list doesn’t seem that bad but, in practice, it seems daunting. I have gone through google, pinterest and ravelry and he’s just not that into any of them.

Last night I was sure I found the perfect pair. They were crochet and I’m not great at crocheting but, I just made 3 blankets so, i’m sure i can handle slippers.

Then again…maybe not. After 3 hours last night, 2 hours this morning and 3 hours in the car( yes, i broke only sock knitting in the car rule). I made one sole. It took endless redos and its far from perfect but, as I was starting to make the upper part of the slipper i got mad, threw my crochet hook across the room and said. “i’m done”.

Mr. Smashlee then says ” that’s okay, they aren’t wide enough anyway.”

um, what?

I measured them last night against his shoes while he was sleeping…(that sounds more stalkerish then it actually was) but, apparently his shoes aren’t wide enough either.

Anyway, that pattern is a bust and after I was done being mad I came up with two plans.

Plan a: slipper socks

Plan b: just make him felted slippers and make him try them on after every wash until they fit just right.

If i’m honest. it will probably end up in plan b however, I’m going to knit him slipper socks anyway. After all, I could just sell them on Etsy, right? The Mr. Smashlee Rejects could become best sellers.

Thanks for reading!!


mermaid afghans

Last week, I was working on mermaid blankets all week.

I had 3 mermaid afghans to make and basically 2 of them were finished or close to finished. I had just started the last one, which was rainbow coloured.

However, the mini me has informed me, it is not a rainbow afghan as it does not have yellow or orange in it.

Fine. Whatever. I was hoping no one would notice but, apparently I’m fooling no one. So it’s just called the brightly coloured mermaid tail now.

Anyway, I’m very proud to say mermaid tails are done!!

These tails were mailed off to there new home today!

The last mermaid tail, the blue one, is for the mini-me. It is also done.
Here’s the mini-me using it.

You have no idea how hard this picture was to get…  

  It involved out takes such as these…


Ah well… The point is they are done!!!

This week is all about slippers.

The list goes something like this

  • Mr.smashlee slippers
  • Nhl slippers
  • Calgary Flames sneakers
  • Rainbow mukluks 
  • Felted clogs.

No way I’m getting that all done this week but, it’s nice to have goals I guess.

What are you working on this week?

Comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading,


patriotic knits 

This week canada celebrated Canada Day and tomorrow my neighbours to the south celebrate their Independence Day. I thought this week’s Pinterest post should be all about celebrating these two countries. 



Star spangled sandals

American flag pillow cover 

Striped bag 


Canada day socks 

hockey beaver 

Maple leaf shawl


Have a great weekend everyone!!


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