Am I now an organized Knitter??

This is my second attempt at writing this blog post. My first one got deleted by the accidental click of a button. So here we go…

Today I’m writing about my last few days of following the blog post by WEBS entitled 31 days to get organized. This post highlights my last few days of this journey  but, if you would like to see the days 1 through 26 you can read about it all here.

Day 27 knitting and crochet spaces at home.

I live in a really small home with not a lot of space. my knitting area is in my master bedroom. I simply use a corner to stash my yarn , my needles and my books. One day when the minis finally move out or I moved to a bigger home , I can have a yarn room. It will have pink walls with a comfy couch , a great workspace and an armoire to keep all my knitting goodies stored away. In fact , I’m on the lookout for the perfect our armoire right now but I just haven’t found anything suitable.



Day 28 out and about with my knitting.

I have previously written about this but, right now whenever I’m on the go I always have my current sock project tucked away nicely in my purse. It small and portable and prefect for on the go.  Its amazing how much I can get done with a few minutes here or there while I’m waiting for someone or something. It’s also great for long car rides where I can zone out and knit for hours! Obviously, I’m not  the one driving I leave that to mr. Smashlee.

Day 29-  storing my knits

I don’t have a lot of personal knitting  to store asthe only item I have really made for myself is the pink sweater. I do however have lots of knitting projects to store. I have three tubs dedicated to projects. One is the current inventory for my Etsy store.

  The other two tubs store my “bad” projects. These are projects that for some reason or another are no good. 

   We are talking sweaters that don’t fit,slippers that are made wrong and scarves  with holes where there shouldn’t be any holes and much more. Some of these are my beginner knitting projects. I keep all of these “bad” projects  so I can look back on themand see how far i’ve come. In fact, I’m thinking about doing a blog post on all these projects and showing off my mistakes and what I’ve learned from each one.

Day 30- maintaining your knitting organization

This posthas a lot of good ideas on how to maintain the progress I’ve  made. I think the main thing is to make sure i put things back where they belong, when I’m finished with them. Now that everything has a place, this should be easy. it just takes a little bit of self discipline. 

Like the article suggests , I plan to re-visit my orgnaztional habits on a regular basis. The plan is to go through this whole process again in January 2016, and then do a check up every 6 months.

Day 31 – wrap up

What I have learned from this blog series? 

Well first off, I got to say that WEBS have done a great job putting all these  tips and tricks together. I had a blast going through the 31 day process.

This series really  taught me how to break things down to easy steps. I learned to keep only the yarn and needles I love and use. And my biggest takeaway was learning  how use Ravelry properly. Once I fully understand what the site can do I began to love it and use it more. Instead of pulling out all my books to glance through pattern after pattern I can simply log in to ravelry search my library and find the pattern, yarn and needles I need. I only have to go into tubs to retrieve the items I am going to use. I think this can really help me save time and keep everything neat and In order.

Now for the most important question, am I now an organized knitter? I think I am going to say yes. I’m not perfect , but, I’ve come along way since starting the journey! I’m really happy with the outcome and knowledge I have received .

 Thank you WEBS!!!!


Organized knitting – needles and notions 

I’m in the final days of my quest to become an organized knitter. I’m following webs blog post on 31 days to organized Knittting. So far I’ve organized my projects, my yarn, my patterns and now I’m working on my needles and my knitting accessories.

Day 20- knitting needles and crochet hooks 

Today I grabbed all my knitting needles and crochet hooks, dumped them out on the floor and sorted by type. I got rid of the bent, broken and needles I hated and then catorgized the everything I was keeping by size.


Day 21- Storing Needles

I really have only 2 types of knitting needles; fixed circulars and double points. I am anti straight needles. I can use them, I learned on them but, I hate them. I ether drop one, or my work slips off of them or I lose a needle. They just akward to me. I’m not a huge fan of double points but, I do use them. By far, my favourite is 16″ circular needles. They aren’t awkward for me and they are usually just about the right size for most of my projects. I will go up to 24″ circulars for sweater bodies and such but, for the most part the shorter the better.

I have taken the suggestion in this blog entry and taken my double points and put and elastic around the sets of needles. I like all my needles in one place. I don’t want my circular and my double points stored separately. With this in mind, I decided to break out the  large ziplocs and created a sort of filing system.

I divided each bag into a size(s) of needles. For example I have my 2mm, 1/4mm, 2 1/2 mm and 2 3/4 mm all stored together in one bag. My 3mm in another bag and so on.  Each bag consists of my dpns in that size , my circulars in varying lengths and my crochet hooks. I like this because I can see everything I have.

Day 22 – tracking needles 

I’m using ravelry to track all my needles and sizes.

Here’s the thing, I don’t actually like my needles. I’m currently in the process of replacing all my cheap needles I bought from wal-mart and michaels with needles I love!! I’m a big fan of the nickel plated fixed circulars from knit picks  but, in my ideal world I would have a set of Knitter’s pride Dreamz interchangeable needles.  I have been drooling over these for quite some time. I’m thinking I’m going to have to buy these for myself for this years birthday present.

Day 23 – photographing knitting.

I think it’s fate this article was on next on the blog post.  I have a big project I am  working on for this fall and part of what I’m looking into is photography. I’m not a good photographer by any means but, I do understand the importance of good picture. Right now, I’m looking into getting a great digital camera and reading everything I can about photography. I highly recommend if you sell your finished projects to give day 23 a good read. Photography is essential to selling and trust me I’ve learned ( and am learning) the hard way how not to do it. 

Day 24 – the tool kit

  I keep my tool kit pretty simple, a pen, index cards, stitch markers, row counter ,tapestry needles, cable needles, lotion bar, scissors, tape measure and clothes pins.

Day 25 – other knitting tools

I put all my extra stuff like stitch holders ( which I hate), extra scissors, tape measures , etc. in another ziploc bag and put it along with all my needles in a big clear container.

I have to say I love my new system and I really feel it’s going to work for me. I’m a visual person and this allows me to see everything and keep it all together. I’m really proud of myself. I think I’m going to celebrate by knitting.

Tomorrow I will be blogging about my  last few days of getting organized and my final thoughts on the process and if I have indeed become a organized knitter. So please check back tomorrow.
Thanks for reading!!


Knitting humour 




My main goal this week is to not cry at preschool grad…

My mini-me graduates from preschool this Thursday which makes me realized soon she will be in kindergarten all day. When she was a baby and was up all day and all night ,  I wished time would fast forward to her going off the school. Now ,that it’s just around the corner I realize time really does move too quickly. And so for the next few day I will be repeating “I will not cry at preschool grad.. I will not cry at preschool grad.. I will not cry at preschool grad…” 

My mom, who reads my blog pretty much  every day, is probably crying right now because of that last paragraph. So let me cheer her up with this picture of her almost done sweater.  
I have both the front pieces finished and was able to knit them without getting my left and rights or should I say , neck edges and raglan edges mixed up. I’m now on the sleeves and I’ve decided to knit both of them at the same time. The ribbing is finished on both sleeves . The first set of increases is just about done one of them and the  I will repeat this process for the second sleeve. I will finish them up and move on to seaming and then cable and ribbing  boarders. 

My other projects from last week didn’t get as much progress . I didn’t get anywhere on the Calgary Flames sneakers. And the grippy bottoms were not attached to green and black slippers due to misplacing fabric glue. in true Smashlee fashion , this fabric glue was found in a totally random place as soon I returned from the store today with a replacement. 

However , today want all bad . I did manage to complete a custom order. So I feel this so far week is off to a good start.

These are freeze pop cozies. They were a blast to make and a great quick stash buster! I can see myself making a ton of these over the next few months.

This week I’m putting the green and black slippers and the Calgary Flames slippers at the top of the list. 

They will then be followed by a young adult pair of Ottawa Senators grippy bottom mukluks . They will be donated to CHEO. ( children’s hospital of eastern Ontario)

I’m pretty sure that will fill up my week. And I’m also 100 percent sure I will cry on Thursday no matter how many time I tell myself I won’t.

Thanks for reading  


Things I hope I never knit

On Fridays I always share Pinterest links on what I wish I could knit or what inspires me.

This week I’m change things up a bit and post some stuff I don’t want to knit… Ever…
The squashed rat scarf  

 toilet paper



Whatever this is

Spider socks  

Toilet seat cover 

What are  some things you would never ever knit? Comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading 


Becoming an organized knitter: Day 15-19

I am on week three of my quest to become a more organized knitter. I have found an amazing blog post series by WEBS that features 31 days of knitting organization. 

I realize I am week behind. I blame that on colds, toddlers and napping. This past week I worked on days 15-19 and focused on patterns!

day 15 – I started off this week with grabbing all the pattern books, lose patterns and papers; Sorting them, picking out my faves, toss or recycle what I don’t use.

I have a nice assortment of books but, its not overwhelming. I did purge some magazines and patterns but, overall It seems to all fit nicely in this box, which is currently stored in my closet away from the minis.

day 16– Organize those single paper patterns.

All of my paper patterns are nicely stored in a 3 ring binder. With the exception of a handful, these patterns are all dishcloth patterns and listed alphabetically. I received these patterns from my knitting teacher when I learned to knit. I have always wanted to knit through the binder. (Maybe I`ll have to add this to my bucket list.)

All my other patterns are stored digitally on my phone.

day 17– the ravelry queue

I`ve known about this function of Ravelry for quite some time now, but I haven’t really ever used it. I  am always afraid my queue would get out of control so, I’m going to have to watch it carefully. I highly suggest you read through day 17 and follow the suggestion on how to prevent this from happening.  I think the queue can really work for me. I like lists, I usually have a list of projects for customers, my stock for my Etsy shop and my personal projects. This will keep in all organized and with due dates!

day 18- digitial patterns

I have already mentioned I have almost all my patterns on my iphone and use ibooks for to store and sort them, However, I am a big fan of how Ravelry stores them. I really do like the idea of storing them all in one place, possibly a USB stick or on icloud or google drive. My phone is what I use the most so, it makes sense to keep them on there, the USB would probably just be for back up. Now, I just have to convince Mr. Smashlee to part with one of his USB sticks…

Day 19- keeping track of my library.

This post suggests some great ways to keep track of what patterns you have. They suggest using evernote or similar app to do this. I have never used Evernote but, I have heard wonderful things about it. I downloaded the app and will be playing with it to see what its capable of but, In the meantime, I added all my patterns to my Ravelry library. I added every book , pattern and magazine. This way I can see everything I have and It turns out I have around 900 patterns. Not bad, I kinda thought it would be much worse then that. 900 patterns almost seems doable.. cause you know, I totally want to knit them all.

So that’s all what I have organized this week, and It looks like next week I’ll be dealing with the kniting needles,…AHHHHH

With regards to my last post on the webs organizing challenge ,I am happy report my yarn stash has finally been sorted and all entered into Ravelry.

If you look back on my previous stash post you will see I had a total yarn yardage of 59,483. That was in Febuary of 2013.It’s now the end of May 2015 and I have a total yardage of 25,243. That means I have used up or gotten rid of  34,240 yards of yarn. In other words, I knit alot.

If you would like to check out my progress from week one and two of the challenge you can read them here.

As always,

Thanks for reading!!!

The blue scarf 

My first project  from Betsy Greer’s book Knittting For Good is officially finished!!

If you recall from my previous posts on this scarf, the yarn come from Urugauy. It is hand spun by local artisans who are looking to help support their families. It’s a wonder fair trade yarn. The colour is amazing and knits up beautifully.

This reversible scarf is avaliable for purchase from my Etsy shop.  $12 of the purchase price of this scarf will be donated to the lookout society in Vancouver BC canada . This charity helps with homelessness in the Vancouver area.

As for my next project from The book Is from chapter 2. It’s a striped hat by Linda perman and I’ll be using brown sheep company lamb’s pride bulky yarn.

I like making hats so, I’m excited for this upcoming project.

I’m also think of making a few more herringbone scarves but, I just can’t decide on the colours.

Comment and let me know what you what you would choose.

As always, 

Thanks for reading.


Playing catch up.

This past weekend was a long weekend. Monday was Victoria Day which celebrates Queen Victoria’s birthday. Canadians or at least in the part of Canada that I come from, uses this weekend to kick off the camping season.

Camping and me don’t mix so, I spent this weekend ( all 3 days of it), working on my mom’s sweater.

The back and the left front is finished and the right front ribbing is almost done. I then have the remaining pieces, which are, the sleeves, the right and left front border and cable panels. I am making the Polly pattern from Sublime and I have to say I am really really enjoying it. I  hope to have it finished by the end of June, so I can give it to my Mom for her birthday.

I’m really thinking I need one of these sweaters, maybe in a pale pink. I’d don’t think my mom and I have ever worn matching clothes, but since we live 4000km away from each other, and I hand knit these sweaters, it should be okay, right? 

As for my other projects, I got a lot on the go and it time to Get back on track and finish them.

my black grippy bottoms came in and I will be FINALLY attaching them to the green and black Slippers. I promise to post pics when I’m done!!

The herringbone scarf is 75% done and I’m excited to hopefully block and finish this week!

I have one Calgary Flames bootie just about done. It only needs laces and then I will move on to the next one later this week.

So, I will be focusing on finishing  these projects so, I can spend Saturday and Sunday working on my favorite project, the Polly sweater.

Thanks for reading!!


Knitting Camping Projects 

Today is the official kick off to the camping season here in canada. I don’t camp but, if I did I would totally knit/ crochet these projects.

Campfire cushions  
 Can or coffee cozy mitten    

Clip on Water bottle holder 




Chair pouch

Thanks for reading!!


more knitting funnies




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