patriotic knits 

This week canada celebrated Canada Day and tomorrow my neighbours to the south celebrate their Independence Day. I thought this week’s Pinterest post should be all about celebrating these two countries. 



Star spangled sandals

American flag pillow cover 

Striped bag 


Canada day socks 

hockey beaver 

Maple leaf shawl


Have a great weekend everyone!!


This is what happens when you don’t  call the knitting help line….

I don’t exactly know why but, back when I was new knitter, I decided it would be good idea to attempt to knit a sweater. I had made two scarves after all, and they looked ….okay… A sweater seemed like the next logical step.

I had been knitting for less than 3 months when I bought a pattern book from Sidrar called big softie. 

I was captivated by the bright chunky sweaters. 

There was this one page, I fell so much in love with because it was pink. I was going to knit myself chunky sweater and I was going to wear it everywhere. It would marvled  by my family and friends. It would be the best sweater ever knit. And it would look exactly like.. NO! , it would look BETTER than the picture!

I went to Michaels and picked out a “light” pink super chunky yarn. 

That was my first mistake. I hated the colour! It wasn’t suppose to be light pink! it was suppose to bright pink! For some reason michaels did not carry Sidrar yarns. It must be because, it’s UK yarn line! Hahahahahaha…. I had no idea that yarn could be order online and that micheals was NOT the best place to by yarn.

So,Instead of using Sidrar’s big softie yarn I used lion brand wool ease thick and quick. It was a super bulky wool so, it should work right?!

I went home and immediately cast on. Who needs a gauge swatch? Risky, I know! But honestly, the sweater is the right size so, somehow I lucked out.

In the end The problem with the sweater lied with the fact, that I pretty much had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING! I fumbled through the instructions. I barely knew how to purl, I didn’t know how to pick up stitches and I had never ever sewn anything together.

I got some help from my Knittting instructor with how to Read the pattern and  but, mostly I was on my own. There was a knitting help hotline in the book to assist with any questions but,It was a UK number and I was warned by the future mr. Smashlee that under no circumstances was I to call that number. he knew I would  sit on the phone all day just so I could hear someone talk British to me. That would be EXPENSIVE! 

Anyway, somehow I made it through, and I finished knitting all the pieces and all that was left was the seaming.

I grabbed my tapestry needle and went to town. I did exactly what the instuctions said to do, I swear! I tried it on and it fit …kinda but, it did not look like the picture at all! 

I brought it to knitting club the next week and presented it to the knitting Guru( my knitting teacher), who promptly told me I seamed it together the wrong way. All my seams were on the outside of the sweater. And my collar and sleeves were also placed a little wonky. Making the sweater wearable but, kinda uncomfortable and akward.
I was so mad, I could cry. I wasn’t going to re-do the seams.This sweater and I were officially done. It has lived in the closet ever since.

My major regret with the sweater? Not calling the knitting hotline. Maybe they could have saved me from myself!

Oh well.. I think about the sweater sometimes and I wonder if I should re-make it , with the proper yarn, of course.

So, What do you guys think , should I re-make the sweater or live and let live?

Comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading!


Hug a Canadian today

It’s Canada day today. Traditionally, I spend today celebrating being Canadian by wearing red, eating French fries and cheese curd and sticking paper Canadian flags in my hair . I wait all day for nightfall to watch fireworks. Which are always too loud for me but, that’s okay.

It’s a fun day, but since I’ve had the mini’s, my Canada days have been more exhausting then relaxing. Since, today is a holiday I declared it a no knitting day. Today’s agenda included hours and hours at local swimming pool, ice cream, crawling in bouncy houses and playing on playgrounds. I am so exhausted I can hardly lift my needles. 

I really wish I could attend fireworks tonight but, 5am comes way way way to early. Tonight I will  curl up in bed and watch a few episodes of some pointless reality show. Oh ya, there will be popcorn too. That probably means I’m getting old but, oh well… Good night world!

Oh one last thing…Hug a Canadian today if you can. Especially the tired ones, we like hugs! 

Happy Canada day!


Why are husbands so hard to knit for???

Mr. Smashlee has been bugging me for a pair of slippers for a long time now. He mentions it about once or twice a week. I feel like a bad wife because how often to husbands actually want hand knit items? I should be breaking out the needles and knitting up a storm just for my dear husband. However, you gotta understand… He’s a picky fellow. They have to be just the right style, texture, colour and cannot be a even a tiny bit too big or he won’t wear them. 
Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy to pieces, he just sucks to knit for.

Now the real question is… Am I over thinking this? Maybe, he really isn’t that bad and I just am so worried he will hate them, that I’ve blown it way out of proportion. 

It’s one thing to knit for other guys in my life my dad, brother and mini-he . They all have received knitted gifts but, not mr.smashlee.
I can’t even choose a slipper pattern, I’ve have knit tons and tons and tons of slippers but, it’s like I have the complete inability to choose a pattern that it suitable.
I made this a bucket list item (#43. Knit my husband something he will actually wear on a regular basis. )So it’s not like I don’t want to knit him anything. But every pattern I come across just doesn’t seem right.

What do you guys think, should I just suck it up and knit the guy some slippers? Does anyone else have trouble knitting for their husbands? Comment and let me know…
Thanks for reading!

Monday’s = mermaids 

this past week all I have been working on is mermaid blankets.

I’m crocheting them and I have to say I’m really really enjoying them.

I have 1 of 3 blankets done.

Wanna see it? Okay ! Here it is.. 

The second one is the mini’s blue mermaid blanket which just needs it’s fun done and it’s ends weaved in. I’ll be working on that tonight. While the mini is sleeping so tomorrow I can surprise her with her blanket.

The third one is a pink, purple, blue and green. This colour combo is awesome! I’m so excited to see how it turns out!

If you want to check out the free mermaid afghan pattern , which is designed by Nadia Fuad . She has also released a video for the pattern which walks you through it. And you can view that video in the link above.

So , I’ll be finishing off these blankets this week but, I want to know What you guys are  working on. comment and let me know what projects you have planned this week!

Thanks for reading!


Name that stitch

laat week I posted a stitch and asked my readers to guess what that stitch was. I got lots of great comments and turns out you guys know your stitches!

the correct answer was the basket weave stitch!

By random draw the winner from last weekend Tiffany Purvis! Congrats Tiffany! Please message me on Facebook or email to claim your free pattern.

I’m making this weeks stitch a littler harder so, look at the picture below and let me know what you think the stitch is called 

 Everyone who comments will be entered to win either $5 off their Smashlee stitches order or a free Smashlee stitches pattern so, give it all you got!

Thanks for reading!



Down at fraggle rock…

I was born in the 80s, grew up in the 90s and spent a lot of childhood obessed with fraggle rock.

Since I am also obessed with knitting you can imagine how happy I was when I came across this wonderful YouTube video which mixes my two loves together.

May I present The doozer knitting song…

And in case you want to sing along here’s the lyrics

It’s neat and it’s sweet
It’s a ding dong treat
Knittin’ socks for little feet
Just sittin’ with your knittin’ all day long
You know knittin’s friendly
And knittin’s fun
Knittin’s good for everyone
And that is why we sing this knittin’ song
Well it’s knit one purl two
What’s a Doozer gonna do
With a gol-darn
Ball of yarn?
It’s stitch three drop four
Pitch that knittin’ out the door right now
There’s a green there’s a red
There’s a knot in my thread
A knitter needs his noggin read
So don’t come ’round and speak to me of yarn
You can k-nit all day and k-nothin’ fits
‘Cause only k-nitwits like to k-nit
And k-nittin’ k-needles just ain’t worth a darn
Well it’s knit one purl two
What’s a Doozer gonna do
With a gol-darn
Ball of yarn?
It’s stitch three drop four
Pitch that knittin’ out the door right now

Since I now I have the song stuck in my head I’m going to go off to bed and dream of being down at fraggle rock!



do you have some great knitting stories?

all crafters have a story ( or stories) about their projects and yarn that can touch some one heart or make them laugh. I love telling my knitting stories about my projects gone wrong or about the way my craft has inspired me (and hopefully others). I know so many lessons have been taught to me through my Knittting . I will continue to share my love of knitting and yarn with everyone but, I also would like to extend the opportunity to others to share their stories as well.

I’m looking for stories to share on my blog about knitting, crocheting and crafting. These can be stories about projects, gifts, mishaps or a way knitting or a knitter has touched your life. 

every week I’ll be posting a new story from either myself or through a submission to my blog. If you would like to submit a story you can email me at

There’s not a limit on words or length so feel free to write (type) away. Pretty much anything goes but, please keep everything G-rated and somewhat yarn or knitting related.

How has knitting inspired you?

What is your best and worst projects?

Any funny knitting in public stories?

Did you help someone going through a tough time with a handmade gift?

I can’t wait to hear some of your amazing experiences.

If you have any questions or would like to submit a story email and I will reply as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading


I forgot 

So I’m spending a few days visiting my inlaws. When packing I always try to pack enough knitting projects for the length of time I am out here. I thought I had it all planned out but it turned out I was so so so so so wrong.

I packed my moms sweater, but I forgot my needles.

I packed the Ottawa Senators slippers, which are done but, I forgot the grippy bottoms to sew on.

I packed the mini’s mermaid blanket but, I forgot the extra yarn for the fin.

I packed the finished pieces for the make-up bag but, I forgot to buy the fabric on the way here.

Lucky for me, I had picked up a big box of colourful yarn from the mailbox before I left.

Inside there was enough yarn for two more mermaid blankets. I packed my crochet hook. So, mermaid blankets are all I have been and will be making until I get home.

The first one I have a pretty good start on.

It is nice to focus on just one project.

I’m thinking I need to forget more often.

Thanks for reading!


Knitting for MY dad

I’m a daddy’s girl. He was my first love,the guy who took me on my first date and according to a Facebook app my soulmate. This post is dedicated to him, he’s a big Star Trek and Big Bang theory fan so, I’m looking at one of these projects as my next present to him.

Star Trek socks

Star Trek sweater  


Star Trek iPad cover 

Big Bang theory afghan 


Rubik’s cube tissue cover 

So to all the dad out there. Happy Father’s Day. To my dad, love you forever! 

Thanks for reading!


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