Help!! I have no idea what I’m doing…

I’ve been knitting this baby blanket. It’s a sampler afghan from red heart. I’m trying to use up yarn stash and work through all the projects I already have on the go. Blankets are a great stash buster.

This project has been a blast so far. I love samplers blanket. I’m not a huge fan of arylic yarn but, I have bunch I’m trying to knit through.

By the end of last week I had three 10″ squares done.  This will be a rainbow blanket. Yellow, orange, pink in the first row. Purple, blue, green in the second row. The I will repeat row 1 & 2 again. The blanket should be approx. 30″ by 40″. I’m thinking I will finish it off with a grey boarder.

Like I said, all was going great… Then yeaterday I started the purple square.

The #4 pattern name is daisy chain. It’s so pretty. Normally, I can totally speak knitting lingo and read a pattern fairly well. But, this pattern makes me feel like I have no clue what I am doing. It involves wrapping the yarn a bunch of times over the needle then slipping stitches. It sort of makes sense but, I am beyond confused and fustrated.

It has taken me two days (approx. 6 hours of knitting) to get to row 20. I’m 99 percent sure I’m doing it wrong. It totally does not look like the picture.

So, I’m left with two choices since, I will not allow myself to give up.

  1. Just keep knitting. Ripping it out and try again till I get it right.
  2. Move on to the next square and leave this crazy pattern till last.

I’m leaving towards option two. My brain hurts from trying to figure this out. However, if any of my blog readers have tried this pattern or are willing to take a look at and can explain it to me, that would amazing! I’ve already been on ravelry and YouTube with zero luck. I’m so stumped!

 The pattern


What I’m doing  

I believe my problem lies in the slipping of the stitches but, that’s just a guess.

The pattern is available as free download here.

I’m on square #4 on page 3. Its called daisy chain.

Like I said, any help would be greatly appericated. You can email or comment on this post.

Thanks for reading!!


The unforgettable shawl

I’m going through all my WIP (work in progress) knitting projects and this weekend I continued on a shawl I’m making for mr.smashlee’s aunt.

I don’t even know how many times I’ve ripped out this project. I’ve changed pattern numerous times and was just hating how it was turning out. This weekend, I got back to drawing board and searched Ravelry once again for a better pattern.  This time though, I did something daring ( to me, at least) and decided to open up the search for ther perfect shawl pattern to both crochet and knit patterns.

I ended up stumbling upon a crochet pattern that looked promising. There was this like voice inside  that was screaming,” you can’t do that…. Your not great at crochet! Knit patterns only!” But I ignored it.

I had the right yarn ( red heart unforgettable) and hook size (6.0mm) so,I couldn’t say no. Worse case senario, I would just rip it out again and start over.

The main reason, I chose this pattern is because there is has a you tube video that goes along with it.  someone took this time to show step by step ( or stitch by stitch) how to successfully crochet this shawl.

This is just what I needed, so with the guidance of YouTube plus the pattern, i started once again on the shawl.

I am now proud to say I am more than half way done; and Fingers crossed that next week I’ll be posting pictures of the finished shawl . Then I can move on to another project and I’m one step closer to casting on a something new, guilt free!!!

For info on the pattern and YouTube video please see below,

The pattern

Coraline in the wine country

YouTube video

Thanks for reading!


cozy hands… 

I’m still slowly working through my Project list so, I still can’t cast on anything new. That doesn’t mean I can’t dream though… And this week I dream of wrist warmers!

Here’s some of favorite patterns from ravelry.

Bria armwarmers by Beth Michon 

spate by Jane Richmond 

gansey wristers  by Kalliopi Arnois

Catching owl butterflies by tiny owl knits  
Augusta by Lena Gjerard 

Thanks for reading!


Adorable Hand Knit Baby Girl Booties

This week I’m featuring my some adorable baby girl booties from my Etsy shop.

First up, is my all time favorite bootie to knit the purple and white hand fuzzy bootie.


These Hand knit baby booties fit newborn or 0-3 month shoe size. Booties is approx 3.5 to 4 inch sole. They have a Beautiful cable design and would make an excellent baby gift.
The main boot knit with a washable wool blend and fuzzy trim is a soft acrylic yarn .

For more info on these booties you can visit the etsy link by clicking here.

Cream and Black Fuzzy Baby Booties


These unique and stylish booties fit 0-3 month size. They are knit with a washable acrylic yarn. Option ties can be requested and weaved through the bootie so it will stay securely on tiny feet.

For more info on these booties you can visit the etsy listing by clicking here.

Purple and Brown Mary Janes


These Hand knit mary janes fit newborn or 0-3 month shoe size. Booties is approx 3.5 to 4 inch sole. They have a classic design that features a cute accent button . They would make an excellent baby gift.
The booties is made with a washable acrylic yarn.

For more info on these booties please visit the etsy link  by clicking here.

If you see something you love but, its not the right size please feel free to visit my Etsy shop and use the request custom item or contact seller opitions to see if I can make exactly what your looking for. I can also be contacted by e-mail at

Thanks for reading!


Good things come to those who wait.

Last month, was my birthday. I bring this up because, I just got one my birthday presents in the mail.

Now, it wasn’t late on purpose. It was on back order and I very anxiously got to pick it up from the post office yesterday.

What was this wonderful gift?

It was the knitting needles I have always dreamed of. My parents saw that I had blogged about my ideal needles and how I had been drooling over them. I was going to buy them for myself as a birthday present but, Mom and Dad beat me to it. However, like I said above, they were actually on back order. I had the option of choosing another set of needles but, I had my heart set on this particular brand.

The Knitter’s Pride dreamz symfonie wood
interchangeable 16″ circular needle set.  There are a few reason why these are my needles of choice

  1.  I only use circular needles.  I’m so clumsy that when I use traditonal needles It becomes hazardous; meaning I drop them a lot. Circulars are just safer for me and my knitting.
  2. I love 16″ circulars . They can be hard to find in interchangeable sets so, when I stumbled upon this pair if was a must have.
  3. I also love coloured needles. It helps me indentify what size they are and they are just so pretty.
  4. Each set of needle tips is labelled with the size! I never understood why needle manufactures don’t always print or embed the size on the actual needle. The fact that these needles are labeled twice are a  major plus.   

The only downside is that these needles are wood. I tend to be rough on my needles and have been known to snap the tips off. I usually opt for metal needles because they don’t break as easy. the knitter pride needles appear to be very well made, so I’m confident they won’t break. However, time will tell if they can hold up.
I will be working on a baby blanket tonight and I am so excited to test them out.

Thanks mom and dad for the awesome birthday present!!!

If you would like to order your own pair check out these links.

Canada :  Wool -Tyme

USA: Webs

Knitter’s Pride Website

and for more info check out this YouTube video.

Thanks for reading!!


Hey Mom, look what I made!!!

The sweater that took a million years to knit is finally done. It’s “blocked” and It’s amazingly soft. There’s only one tiny, itsy bitsy problem. It has no buttons.

It needs 6 buttons. I have 5. I know my mom won’t care but, I do.

So, it’s off to find six matching buttons tomorrow. Then I can officially cross this item of the bucket list. Once, the buttons are attached I’m going to model it because, these pics don’t do it justice.

I imagine myself wearing this sweater in a blue or purple. I really do plan to knit one for myself.  First though ,I want to start at the very beginning of the pattern book ( Sublime #658, The Fifth Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK Book)  and attempt to knit the first pattern Pique. I’m a little OCD when it come to patterns and basically, I have this strong desire to knit every pattern in every book I own, in the yarn they suggest, Maybe i’ll wear it, Maybe i’ll sell it on Etsy. but, I think its going to be two toned purple.


The yarn used is called sublime extra fine Merino dk wool. I don’t often knit with actual wool but, this yarn has me really understanding why many Knitter’s choose the more expensive “real” yarns over department store acrylics. Yup, I’m becoming a yarn snob. Bye bye red heart… Hello merino!

Anyway, thank you Mom for allowing me to knit this sweater for you. It was quite a (lovely) experience. It’s cool if you never wear it , but, I know you will wear it till it falls apart. Just like you proudly hung my drawings on the wall when I was 4 even though you had no idea if it was dinosaur or rainbow. You’ve always been awesome like that. And sorry it took many years to knit. I did give you grandchildren in the meantime…so, I do have a good excuse. It will be in the mail soon along with the socks Dad left here when you visited last. Are you crying yet? I thought so…XOXO Love you!!!

Knitting sweaters in my fantasy knitting world

I am on a project diet, meaning, I can’t start any new knitting till I have the bulk of my WIPs finished .  Problem is, I really want to start a new sweater. I’m trying very hard no to cast on any projects so instead,  I’m going to live in my fantasy knitting world. In this fantasy world, I have all the time in the world to knit. So, with an infinite about of time, and yarn here’s my top five sweaters I would love to make!

Briquette by Alicia Plummer


Risen by Melaine Berg


The Blue Sands Cardigan by LaMaisonRililie Designs


Jamie By Kim Hargreaves


Old Town by Carol Sunday


Okay…so I’m not normal…I have nightmares about my knitting!!

Last night, or rather very early this morning, I woke up completely panicked. If I was a  normal person I would be jumping out of bed because of a car alarm, a kid crying, a bear in my front yard, or that I forgot to set my alarm; But nope, turns out  I am not a normal person. For some reason while, I was sleeping, my brain decided it was a good time to inform me of all my current knitting projects that I had on my needles ( also known as UFOs or WIPs). Yup, you read that right..I woke up sweating and with heart palpations because apparently, I feel, I have too many unfinished projects.

Now, to be fair to my brain, I do have a fairly long list… there’s the cascade 220 purse from knit simple, the 400 stitches squares, the NHL baby booties, a few afghans, my mom’s sweater, a pair of orange socks I’m not happy about , a shawl, 3 pairs of slippers and a baby blanket.

That sounds like a lot, right? And I’m pretty sure I forgot some. I don’t really want to go through it all right now and take a full inventory. Its probably worse then I think.

In my fantasy world ( and on my bucket list) I have no more than 5 knitting projects on the go at once.

  1. A weekend project – something I only work on Saturdays, Sundays ( and holiday Mondays) that is either for myself or for a friend or family member.
  2. a car project- socks
  3. a project from the current book I am reviewing – right now that would be 400 stitches or the next project from betsy greer’s knitting for good.
  4. an Etsy project or custom order, – usually slippers
  5.  a designing project.-  I’m dying to start writing more knitting patterns but, it always get pushed to the back burner.

In reality, its very very different; its a hot mess.  Obviously, if i’m dreaming about it, it has become more of a problem then my brain can handle. So, It’s time I do a project intervention and ban myself from starting anything new. I need to cut down on the project list. Maybe do something like smallest project to largest project or vice versa. Or maybe start with the ones that are close to being finished. Either way, I have to face my fears and write it all down and make a plan.

What bugs me the most is, I don’t even understand why I feel the urge to cast on another knitting project when I already have so many on the go.  I do know though, I am not the only one with this problem. Does anybody have any insight on to why knitters  constantly cast on more than they can possibly knit?  Or are you one of the few who actually knits one thing at a time and never ever strays from their current project? Either way, help a knitter out  comment with your tips and suggestions. Clearly my sleep and my sanity depends on it….

Featured Etsy Shop Items – Cozy Mukluk Slippers

I’m in the process of stocking my Etsy shop up and this week I have added two pairs of slippers. Every year I get a crazy amount of orders for these but, I’m trying to get ahead of the game and pre make as much as I can.

Here’s an exert from my etsy listing that explains more about the slippers.

These hand knit mukluk style slippers are a great  accessory to keep warm all year around. It’s has a stylish and comfortable design and the soles are doubled up for extra cushion and comfort.

These slippers are  in 9.75″ length and 4″ are wide , unstretched.  They will comfortably fit a women’s US size 7-9 foot. They may be snug for those who have wider feet. I do accept custom orders so please  see below on how you can get a pair of slippers made exactly for your measurements.

The yarn is an  100 % acrylic yarn, which contains no wool and is machine washable and dry able. The yarn is soft to the touch and comes in a variety of colours.

These slippers are hand knit in Canada and shipping is available worldwide.

If you like to see more please click on the links below. You can see my shipping and return polices and also see how you can get a pair custom made just for you.

UPDATE: the pink and purple pair have been sold but you can still click  on the link and order a custom pair :)

               Pink and Purple Muklukssmpf4      Brown and Blue Mukluks


If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at

Thanks for reading!


Not Your Grandma’s Slippers…

The basic knit slipper. That’s what I call it anyway; I don’t know actual the pattern name but, its one of those knitted items everyone owns. Any of us who have been blessed to have a relative that knits has probably received a pair as a gift. Actually, prior to becoming a knitter myself, these slippers are what I thought of when someone mentioned knitting.


You know the pattern, its been around FOREVER. I’ve even knit a pair or two myself but, truth be told they aren’t my favorite thing to knit. As I mentioned above, its a very popular timeless patterns. Its a staple. But, when I started out to knit I was determined to make knitting cool. I had just turned 25 and  I didn’t want to categorized myself with grandmas. I avoid this pattern at all costs unless someone begged me to make them a pair.

Now that I’m older and wiser, I’m okay with having a hobby in common with those who are older than myself but, I still don’t love the pattern. When I was on holidays one of best friends showed me a pair of slippers her child had and asked me if I could make an adult pair for her sister. As you can probably guess, the slippers were of the basic knitted slipper variety. The child pair she showed me was different though. It looked modern and not so grandma-ish. What changed??

These slippers were made from super bulky yarn and had wonderful rainbow colours. I dragged my friend down to Michaels to show her the yarn choices for her sister pair. We chose bernat blanket yarn in a wonderful teal and brown colour. Its crazy soft. It will be simple and easy, it will take no time at all.

Well… here’s the thing… all the patterns I found for this basic slipper were made with very different yarn weights and needle sizes. None of which were made with super bulky yarn we chose.

I know a bit about pattern construction and even more about how to knit slippers so I’ve been fumbling my way through this pair of slippers. I’m basically re-writing the pattern as I go so it will work for the chunky yarn we .

I’ve only re knit them 3 times or so far but, this morning I finally got it.

Not bad eh?

Now, I\m just waiting for the minis to go to bed so I can knit its mate.

What’s your feeling on the basic slipper, do you love them or hate them? I’d love to hear your opinions so, please feel free to comment!

Thanks so much for reading.


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