The only plus side to getting a cold is that I get a whole lot of knitting done.

This past weekend I came down with a nasty cold. I'd like to report my Mother's Day was full of sleeping in, breakfast in bed and fun & games with the minis but,that didn't happen. Instead it was full of Kleenex, cough candies, episodes of bubble guppies and trying to keep the kids quiet while …

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organized knitting 

Last week I came across a blog by webs yarn store called 31 days to get organized. It's a post from all the way back in 2013 but, after a quick glance at it, I decided I'm in. I need to do this!  I'm totally searching for ways to organize my needles and yarn that …

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Custom Orders, Ready to Ship Items and more

Smashlee Stitches is so much more than a blog. It's my passion and it is based on my love for knitting and wanting to share it with the world. It all started by, me selling my knitting on Facebook and has grown from there. I used to do mostly custom orders for items like slippers, hats, tutus, …

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The Best of Knitting on Pinterest this week

If you are like me you use Pinterest for inspiration. This blog post is about all the cool stuff I found this week that has kept me inspired. First up, the knitted clock! I need this in my home! This next one is actually crochet but, man it's beautiful. The rainbow crochet curtain. This sweater …

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And I’m going to be down with Miss Marple For Life

I am live my life in 15 minute intervals.  Its really the only way of survival. With 2 ( sometimes 3 ) under the age of five running around, life is catoic to say the least. Over the last year I have figured out by trial and error that 15 mins is about how long …

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Knitting Mentors

This past Christmas I was struggling with a new knitting technique, so I turned to You Tube for some answers to find some video demonstrations to help me. What I discovered on the little panel beside the video your watching ( you know the one that says suggested videos) was so much more than just …

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FO Friday: Knit Tutu

A wonderful post on my “Knitted tutu pattern”, from one of my test knitters!

My Tangled Yarn Knitting Adventures

I was so excited to be a part of Smashlee Stitches test knit of her newest pattern, Knit Tutu!! And now I can finally share the adorableness of this pattern. Seriously, I can’t stop making these!



image_medium2 (1)


The pattern is easy and very straightforward. It also has great instructions for those who aren’t used to working with ruffle yarn. The pattern is sized from newborn to 1-2 years. All you need is a little bit of worsted weight yarn, 1-2 balls of ruffle yarn (depending on your size), and a length of ribbon or I-cord for a belt. I can make one of these from start to finish during a single movie or a couple of episodes of my favorite TV show.

I got Baby B to model one more my first tutus!



She especially like the ribbon belt feature. It was yummy!



If you are interested…

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Longest ever work in progress…

So after 3 years ,almost to the date,  I completed  my longest ever UFO (unfinished object) , my mini-smashlee's baby blanket. For those who don't know, she's over 2 1/2 now. I started this project when I found out I was having a baby girl and vowed to finish it before I gave birth. Obviously, …

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