Music…It is pretty awesome…

Baby me…obsessed with the piano

The one passion I have carried throughout my entire life is music. I am constantly listening to albums, making the best playlist ever, reading billboard magazine and  anxiously awaiting for new music Friday (which totally used to be new music Tuesday..but whatever.)

In my 33.5 years on this earth, I have listened to everything from musicals to hardcore rap and all the genres in between.

Three year old me… still obsessed with piano

I really love learning all the things about a song. The way it was made and the creativity behind it. What the lyrics mean, what the inspiration is etc.  Obviously, I have formed ALOT of opinions on music,but never before have I  publicly shared these opinions. Music is very personal for me, I figure now is the time to bust out of my comfort zone start sharing my musical opinions with the world!

Pre-teen me… reading them liner notes

My weird process

When I buy (stream) a new album I have a process that I have perfected over the years. I carefully select my album of choice through a magical process of wish lists and browsing the new releases sections. It usually takes hours.

I particularly enjoy singles, remixes and artists that are underground, underdogs, undiscovered and not subject to mainstream radio play. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the songs on the charts! Every week I go over the Hot 100 singles from billboard in the US and the top 40 in UK, listening to each song with curiosity and wonder. I love to watch the popularity of a song grow, how long it stays in the charts etc. It is beyond fascinating to me! However, as I stated above…. it’s the rare stuff that I love!Oh, and album art….don’t even get me started on album art!That’s a whole post on its own!

Once I have chosen my album , I give myself one week to fully enjoy it. At least once a day I will listen to album in its entirety.

Monday, I will put it on the in background while I clean the house.

Tuesday, I will check out the music videos and interviews from the artist and with my fingers crossed hope they talk about the inspiration for their songs!

Wednesday, I listen to album with the lyrics and go over the liner notes( if i have the physical album) and look at who the producers are, who wrote the songs, where was it recorded and my very favourite part…who the artist or band give acknowledgments and recognition to!

Thursday I am starting to notice my favourite songs!!

Friday I am singing along and bobbing my head…… winning in life!

Saturday I am hitting replay on the album and will probably listen to twice ( this is where I fall in love with the music).

Sunday I am adding my most of the songs to my “Ash’s best songs EVER playlist” and following the artist on social media, if I don’t already! Then after having alot arguments in my head about, how I shouldn’t “fan girl” , I go against my insecurities and I get up the courage to tweet or comment on how much I  like their songs! It is always genuine, and I’m ALWAYS super nervous when I do it. Hey….. I figure artists are people too, and if someone loved a song I made that much, I would want them to tell me or at very least my social media manager.

Then I start all over again with a new album….. Repeat every week until I die! This is what I do! And I love it.

Now, I am fully aware  how OCD this sounds. But, my hearts loves it. I feel creativity needs to be honoured and although there are many, many, many things about the music industry and the music that is released that are messed up, I still feel we need to understand where it comes from.

Me of the present day….headphone in.

In the age of auto tune and manufactured songs, it is easy to become angry and avoid anything popular. However, my opinion is that in a world of over 7 billion people, that song or artist is someone’s favourite and inspires them. Who are we to judge?


Got a favourite album or song?? Drop the name of it in the comment section! I am always in need of new music to listen to.



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