And I’m going to be down with Miss Marple For Life

I am live my life in 15 minute intervals.  Its really the only way of survival. With 2 ( sometimes 3 ) under the age of five running around, life is catoic to say the least. Over the last year I have figured out by trial and error that 15 mins is about how long …

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Thursday Stitch day!! #31-40

Hello all!!Welcome to Thursday and I really hope your day is going awesome!! It looks as though fall is coming soon  and you know what? As a knitter I am SO okay with that. My last few nights  have consisted of netflix and Miss Marple shows, my knitting and a blanket. So cozy and I …

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400 stitches 21-30

So it's Thursday...which can only mean 2 things.. 1. It's garbage day and 2. It's time to share some stitches. This block of stitches was some my favourite swatches to make. They are getting more and more textured. I honestly couldn't pick a favourite out of this bunch.let me share them with you. first up #21 #22 the …

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