The Tale of Facebook Live.

Yesterday I did something SUPER scary. With my hands shaking, my voice ready to give out and my brain screaming NO DON'T DO IT!!!! I pressed the go live on my Facebook page, Smashlee Stitches. I literally couldn't breathe! For the week prior, I had been preparing myself. I was going to a Q&A called …

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100 Rejection letters here I come!!!

Last week I wrote about how I was going to be brave and start a 100 rejection email challenge. I love designing but, its scary putting your self out there to essentially be judged by magazine and book editors. I'm still feeling rather brave so, after I wrote last Wednesday's blog post , I went …

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Monday = goal setting! Let’s do this!!

Last week I posted 4 goals I wanted to accomplish with my knitting. You can read last weeks post here but, as quick recap I had 4 main goals. 1. Finish the peacock blanket 2.  Knit a tutu 3. Blog everyday 4. Knit myself a hat. I'm very proud to say most of the list …

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