Quick Update on Knitting Bucket List

It seems that with this pregnancy I am always sick! This time I am sick with some what persistent cough that is keeping me up all night. That has put a delay on my blogging as most nights its just  takes too much energy to look at computer screen  for very long. However, tonight I am going to give everyone a tiny update on two bucket list items. my charity knitting and my “400 stitches” quilt.

My “4oo stitches” quilt is a project I am doing where I knit each stitch from the book “400 stitches “ and sew them all together in a massive quilt. Mostly, it’s a learning project and I have to say its very cool seeing a stitchionary in blanket form.

The book is divided into eight sections , which include categories like twisted stitches, knit and purl stitches, lacy stitches etc. , I have just  finished the first section “Knit-Purl” stitches. It consisted of 86 different patterns that just have the knit and purl stitch. The texture some of these swatches make are just amazing!

Next up,  I will doing the “Crossed stitches and cables” section which is the biggest section of the book. Probably, double the amount I have already done.

Here is a picture of what the blanket looks so far. Keep in mind its folded over in half, as it is a massive blanket! It will be a great cuddle blanket for  myself, the mr and our minis!400 stitches blanket

My charity knitting project aare some baby hats I have been knitting for the Period of Purple crying and a local hospital. I am knitting one hat for every order from Smashlee Stitches in 2012. 140 hats total. Right now, I am at 18 hats. Clearly, I need to start knitting/crocheting more hats!!! This is a great stash buster!!

Charity hatsFor more information on these or any of  my knitting bucket list items check out my blog archives.

Sorry for the short post and hopefully, I will be back soon and feeling much much better!


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