Cranberry Harvest Socks KAL

Fall is upon us and that means knitting season will begin very soon!!! Is anyone as excited as I am about this?? Don’t get me wrong, summer is wonderful but, I am anxious for cooler weather so I can start wearing all my fall knits!! That means, scarves, slippers, sweaters and SOCKS!!!

To kick off this WONDERFUL time of year, I have decided to co-host a KAL with one of my favourite knit designers, tech editor and MY knitting mentor, Tian Connaugton from KnitDesigns by Tian. Tian is an amazing knitter, businesswoman and tech editor! She’s pretty much the reason I design knitting patterns!

Anyway, back to our knit along. We are going to be kicking off this knitting season by knitting a pair of socks from the August 2017 issue of I Like Knitting Magazine. These socks are to die for! They are stunning and looks like such a fun knit. They are designed by Penny Suchmers and are called the Cranberry Harvest Socks.


Tian and I are both crazy excited for this KAL and hope you will join us on this adventure. We will be saying goodbye to second sock syndrome and hello, to the luxury of hand knit socks!

Below you can find all the fun details of this KAL, And definitely check out and join the brand new I Like Knitting (and I cannot lie) Ravelry group!

Cranberry Harvest Socks 2_Ashlee

Cranberry Harvest KAL

Dates: Aug 13- Sept 30th.

Yarn: TBA

Pattern: I Like Knitting Magazine Aug, 2017 Cranberry Harvest Socks 

Location: I like Knitting (and I Cannot Lie) Ravelry group!

Happy Knitting!!


P.S. For more knitting fun head on over to Facebook for KnitDesigns by Tian & Smashlee Stitches pages


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