Smashlee does the UK (and other cool stuff)

This summer has been quite exciting so far! I’ve managed to go a trip of a lifetime to the UK ( something I’ve wanted to do since I was 4 and YES, it was amazing as I dreamt it would be). The trip was something I was quite anxious about as I have never travelled out of Canada or even by myself but, now that I conquered all of that with “flying colours” I am really feeling like my goals are in reach. The future is so bright this knitter need to wear shades!


hanging with some sheep.

While I was on vacation with some very long plane rides, I did a lot thinking about where I wanted to take my knitting business ( Smashlee Stitches) next. I knit custom orders, have a blog ( obviously), design knitting patterns for my own Ravelry store and for yarn companies and magazines and am now branching out to Knitting University where I teach knitting through digital courses.

I am in the process of making amazing content for Knitting University but, I am so excited about it that I wanted something I can make accessible ASAP for those who are itching to learn and grow their skills with knitting, designing and building their knitting brand and starting an online knitting business.

photo by Joy Segovia

That’s why I have created a members only Facebook group for Knitting University. It is really similar to the content I’ll be offering through my modules and digital courses but, this is more customizable to what the members of the group desire/need to learn. It will cover everything from knitting techiques, pattern help, designing your own knits and even how to start your own knitting blog, Facebook page, and Etsy shop.

I will be coaching and teaching each week through live streams, video and posts. If you ready to up you knitting game I definitely suggest joining the group!

You can check out the link below for more info and to subscribe but, here are some of the highlights

You will get access to a closed Facebook group thats fun, creative and a place to expand and share your skills.
A Daily Stitch Post – each day I will share a new stitch combination with you guys complete with written instructions and photos . Its a great way to practice  and expand your skills.
One training video a week to teach a different knitting, designing or business skill customized to the members of the group.
A Facebook Live each week that is private to the group where I answer any knitting/designing/selling related questions or problems you might have.
A great place to share, show off and get help with your knitting projects, patterns and businesses.
Discounts for current and upcoming Knitting University modules, original Smashlee Stitches Patterns and courses.

This all is only $11.11 CAN per month and you can cancel anytime (no questions asked)
Like I said a check out the link below for more info and to subscribe. The group kicks off on July 17th.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at and I’ll be happy to answer them!!

Click here if you would love to learn more and be part of this AMAZING exclusive Facebook group for Knitting University.

Happy Knitting!!!




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