I swear knitting helps with everything….

This week on my Facebook page Smashlee Stitches, I went “live” to discuss Knitting and how it benefits mental health. If you read my post from last week you will know, on my first facebook live I was BEYOND nervous. This one however,  was not nearly as bad. I was way more relaxed. I owe this success to two reasons 1. I knew what to expect and 2. I had an AMAZING co-host, my sister in law Rita.  It truly was a GREAT conversation.

Summer Party

I think mental health is so under talked about. I think there needs to more dialogue and more honest, open discussion and less shame. For me, anxiety has always been a problem, as a child it meant I was scared of everything. As an young adult it meant I never sang in front of anyone despite wanted to be singer. As a grown woman it meant I didn’t get a driver license till I was almost 30. Knitting has helped with this so much.  It keeps my hands busy while my my processes. It doesn’t cure the anxiety. but it does take the edge off. It makes me second guess the worrying of the worse case scenarioes. And with my knitting page, blog and business it has helped me grow so much and it ways I could never imagine. Knitting is my best friend, my go to and is always there to help sort out any situation.

I also talk in the video about how knitting has helped with grief and addiction. The benefits of this amazing hobby are beyond belief.  I personally believe that this is actually true for all crafters and creative people. Our craft is our passion (knitting, singing, painting, photography etc) and it helps us mentally is so many ways.

If you would like you can check my FB live broadcast recording on youtube.

I want to extend this important discussion  to my blog and to hear from all of you on how creating has helped you cope with hard situations, mental illness, chronic diseases, self worth issues etc. Let’s break the silence. Comment and let me know your experiences.

Happy Knitting!


P.S. This week Knitting University Smashlee Seamless slippers and Knitting 101: learn to knit like a bad ass opened for enrolment. For more information on these amazing online courses please e-mail me at smashleesttiches@gmail.com


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