Knitting University- Smashlee’s Seamless Slippers

Knitting can be tricky business. It can be really hard to learn to cast on or even improve or expand your skills!

The patterns don’t always make sense and if you are clumsy like me, holding two needles at a time can prove an IMPOSSIBLE TASK!

It took me 3 weeks to learn to cast on and another few to even master a knit stitch. The rest is all a blur but, I did eventually get it!

The internet is a wonderful things for knitters, there’s so much information out there it can be a little overwhelming!

I don’t learn like everyone else. I am super visual but, I need hands on too. I like learning from a book but, in order to full comprehend what I’m reading I need to go slow, steady and have as much detail as possible.

I am smart but, when you learn like I do it can become difficult when you trying to fit the status quo and fit into the box of every one else.

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The Ashlee of 8 years ago almost gave up on knitting but, I am so glad I didn’t. I am a hard worker and I’m so very stubborn. As a result Knitting has taught me so much, I learned a new skill but, I also learned to believe in myself and follow my dreams.

One of my dreams has been to teach others to do what I do. Show the people of the world the “smashlee” way of knitting. I feel now is the time to start teaching those who are ready and willing to learn.

That’s why I am so excited to announce Smashlee’s Stitches Knitting University. An online knitting course that will broken up in modules that highlight and teach certain knitting skills. All my Knitting University modules will be work at your own pace and will be laid back and fun but it will be packed with a ton of info and support! Modules will be released one at a time but they will include :

  • a PDF that has instructions, exercises and knitting cheat sheets
  • original patterns that emphasize skills learns
  • private FB support group,
  • Live and recorded demonstration videos,
  • one on one access to me for questions via e-mail or chat.

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The first module released for Knitting University will be on knitted slippers.

I knit slippers all the time and have developed a simple, seamless way to create what I think is the perfect slipper!

Here’s what the slipper module will consist of:

A full PDF of instructions on slippers which will include the theory of slippers such as:
✔️understanding how slippers are put together,
✔️different types of slippers,
✔️sizing chart for children, toddlers and adults.
✔️Explaining different types of soles that can be added to knit slippers including grippy bottoms, double soles & leather soles.
✔️ explains grafting ( Kitchener stitch) and how to use it create a comfy slipper
✔️My original comfy cozy slipper pattern.

You can expect lots of pictures, examples and exercises to help
you fully understand before we move on to making your first slipper.

In addition to PDF you will have access to training videos both live and recorded. Support from me via messenger or email. Access to a private FB group where you can interact with other students. you will also get updates to all patterns and course work  for this module as it becomes available.


I’ll be releasing the first portion of course materials on June 1st… so if you would like more info or have questions about Knitting University – Smashlee’s Seamless Slippers then please head on over to my Facebook page Smashlee Stitches and send me message. You can also contact me through my e-mail


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