Back To School Y’all

Ah! The first day of school… The most wonderful time of the year .

1 out of 2 is happy its school time.


I’m not going to lie I have been waiting for this day. It’s not that I don’t love my kids.. ..but…seriously guys, mama needs some peaceful, non-kid related alone time.

Today, the mini-me started grade 1. In one week the mini-he starts his first year of preschool. Yes,  I’m a little bit ” getting the feels “and yes, they grow up really fast. However, mama feelings aside,this means 5 hours of kid free time a week where I plan to knit my heart out.

It might be very very selfish but, for 2 out of 7 days I will get 2.5 hours  TO MYSELF. I will not be cleaning, working out,  babysitting, or doing laundry. Probably won’t even answer the phone or respond to any messages. This is my time.  I will come home from lovingly dropping the Minis off at their appropriate schools. Change  back into my pjs and knitting all the things. YES! ALL THE THINGS. My hope is that I can finally get some headway on those goals I always go on about.

Knitting in the car well I wait for the end of the day.


For the rest of week, when I only have one kid around will hopefully be a breeze. I mean he’s pretty good as long as he’s had 4 breakfasts , 3 lunches and permissions to play with his sister’s toys. He’ll leave me alone if I bribe him with pizza and paw patrol. I got this.

After school smiles



I can taste the freedom already… And you know what? I kinda, almost, sorta don’t feel guilty about being this happy about it.



Ashlee Lackovic ( aka Smashlee) is a knit wear designer, pattern writer, blogger and Etsy shop owner. She’s a Mommy to 2 minis. She hasn’t slept properly is 6 years.

For more smashlee head on over to instgram, twitter and Facebook.


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