Vacation Goals

This week is vacation week. Since school is now out, the Smashlee family has set out on a road trip and will be crashing at the in-laws for the next week.

It’s so pretty and relaxing here. The mini’s have tons of room to run around, which means mama’s got lots of knitting time. I’m not going lie though, I am on vacation,and I didn’t bring that much yarn with me.  So I’m taking it easy and only have a few goals this week.

  1. Send in my pattern to be submitted.
  2. Blog twice this week.
  3. Knit two moss stitch slouchy hats.


That’s it.  Simple. Easy. Doable.

Before I get back to sitting outside and chillin’ let me just give you a brief rundown on last weeks progress.

I did finish my hat, I did not finish my craftsy class, I didn’t knit on the Dr. Who blanket,  I did buy yarn for the design I’m submitting and I didn’t knit any swatches for my 400 stitches project.

So, 2/5 for last week. It’s all good though, cause I did celebrate Canada Day and  I did clean and organize my entire house. Yay me!

Hope you all have a great week!!


Ashlee Lackovic ( aka Smashlee) is a knit wear designer, pattern writer, blogger and Etsy shop owner.  Obsessed with knitting and often tangled yarn, she loves diet pepsi,  hot pink short and peace & quiet.


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