5 Reasons to love Canadian knitters

1. We are experts in cold weather!



In my almost 32 years of existence I have seen snow in every month of the year.  So, if you need cold weather apparel ask a Canadian, we know best.

2. Speaking of cold weather, let me introduce you to the toque. 


Know simply as a winter hat to the rest of the world, the Canadian version is just just a little bit more awesome. It has magical powers that keep your ears and head warm.  Wearing one will make you automatically Canadian, you will acquire random knowledge about beavers and start to smell like maple syrup. Bonus super powers such as expert skills in snow shovelling and zamboni driving will be awarded if your toque has a big pom pom on top of it. To acquire now of these amazing hats,  just find an overly friendly Canadian knitter, they usually have them stashed in their knitting bags.

3. Our national brand of coffee recognizes the importance of knitting. 


Not only did all Tim hortons have knitting motifs on all their coffee cups, but they also yarn bombed a store. Check it out  here.  That’s a lot of knitting!


4.  We are just really nice people….

5. And if we don’t knit fast enough… we really are sorry.




Happy Canada Day!!




Ashlee Lackovic ( aka Smashlee) is a knit wear designer, pattern writer, blogger and Etsy shop owner. Obsessed with knitting and often tangled yarn, she survives on poutine, apologizes for everything and like her tim hortons coffee, iced and with whip cream. We are  very happy to report that currently  she does not smell like maple syrup.



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