Monday = goal setting! Let’s do this!!

Last week I posted 4 goals I wanted to accomplish with my knitting. You can read last weeks post here but, as quick recap I had 4 main goals.

1. Finish the peacock blanket

2.  Knit a tutu

3. Blog everyday

4. Knit myself a hat.

I’m very proud to say most of the list is done!!

The peacock blanket is done ! Read more about that adventure here.

The knit tutus are done and have been delivered to their new home.

I almost blogged everyday. I think 5/7 days. I didn’t blog this past weekend. I kinda ran out of steam but, after some super nice texts from my sister in law, I am prepared for the upcoming week and blogging on!

Sadly, my hat was the only project not finished. It’s on my needles right now and ready to be knit as soon as I’m done this blog post!
3.5/4 Ain’t bad!! Go Smashlee!!

So what’s on the goal list this week…

  1. Finish my hat!
  2. Finish my craftsy class
  3. Add 1 columns of squares to dr. Who blanket.
  4. Order/buy  yarn for design project that I’m submitting
  5. Knit 25 swatches from 400 stitches and sew them on the blanket!

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff but, I got this!!

What goals do you have this week? Comment and let me know!!



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