Third time is a charm!

I was gonna do a Pinterest post tonight but…. I got something better to blog about.

After crocheting an afghan and then 102 peacock feathers. Then sewing 102 peacock feathers on the blanket. Then deciding I hate it. Then taking 102 peacock feathers off the blanket. Ruining 5 peacock feathers. crocheting 5 more peacock feathers. Crocheting 102 peacock feathers on blanket. Deciding I hate it. Undoing a stupid amount of slip stitches and single crochets. Then re sewing on 102 peacock feathers back on the blanket, I am proud to say the peacock blanket is finally finished!

Celebration drinks anyone? 

For those looking for the pattern you can buy it from ravelry here.  

It’s not as difficult as I make it out to be… It’s just crochet is not my first language. 

Either way, I’m very happy with how it turned out!!

Happy Friday!!!!!



3 thoughts on “Third time is a charm!

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