Be brave. You got this! 

The future’s looking bright!



So a weird thing happened today…. I realized my husband was right…

Not too long ago Mr. Smashlee was telling me how he thinks I should start designing and submitting patterns to knitting magazines and websites. I blew off this idea because I always said I would start doing this once I was an “established ” designer. I’m not sure what it takes to officially call yourself a knit wear designer but, I figured It meant something like having 100 self -published patterns in ravelry.

I am constantly blabbing to mr. Smashlee about how I want to design but, talk is cheap. I have some published patterns for sale but by,no means am I an expert designer. And honestly until very recently I haven’t been putting the time into  pattern writing that I should have. I have tons of ideas but I just haven’t executed the plans to make it happen.

Fast forward to today where I read a blog post from KnitDesign by Tian. She’s taking on the challenge of submitting pattern ideas to as many magazines, websites etc.until she receives 100 rejection letters. Not 100 yesses, not a 100 published patterns but, 100 “sorry your idea’s not right for us” …in other words, a whole bunch of nos.

It got me thinking… Maybe I should do the same?  I mean , yes it’s still going to hurt hearing “no”. But, I think in the end I’ll be a better for it. If I were to take on this challenge the worse case is, I would get 100 no’s and 0 yesses…. would I be heartbroken ? Yup…but I can honestly say, it wouldn’t stop me from resubmitting in the future. I love knitting and patterns too much to ever give up. (Someone might have to remind me of this if the worse case scenario ever happens.)

So, officially starting tomorrow I am start working on making a pattern submission. I’m aiming  at 1 submission a week to start. This would be on top of my own personal designs that I self publish.

So what’s your thoughts? If you have any  tips on submitting pattern proposals feel free to comment. I would love any and all suggestions.

Until tomorrow,


8 thoughts on “Be brave. You got this! 

  1. I took a class about this at Stitches South. Some things to keep in mind are:

    1. DO NOT send a finished object with your submission, unless they specifically ask for one. Things get separated and lost all the time. Send a picture instead.

    2. Most magazines/yarn companies will want you to redo the submission in the yarn of THEIR choosing anyway, so you will have to do it again, if it’s accepted.

    3. Make sure this is not just from a desire to get yarn. If your design is accepted and they send you the yarn to do your pattern in- you will have to keep track of EXACTLY how much yarn you use. And you will have to return the leftovers. Often at YOUR expense.

    4. DO NOT submit the same design to more than one place at the same time. (And keep track of what you submit, and when you submit it.) Just like books- patterns have rights, and if both places decide they want it- you’re going to have a mess on your hands, and it might just end up that no one wants that hassle. Wait 2 or 3 months before submitting that design somewhere else.

    There’s lots more stuff, but I’m not trying to teach a class that has already been taught. Just giving you a heads up.

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  2. Oh Boy, it sounds like we are all in the same boat.
    And then again, I have paid for so many badly written patterns that I (or one of you) can’t do any worse.
    We should really try it.
    Greetings from Virginia, Ivonne

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