My weekly knitting goals….

Usually on a monday morning I can be found at my kitchen table with bed head, in sweatpants or pjs, writing down my weeks plans. This morning was no different. While the minis were scarffing down there breakfast and watching some weird youtube toy channel, I wrote down what I wanted to accomplish in the next 7 days.

It may seem silly but, it kinda sets the tone for how I’m going to about my days. On the weeks I don’t do this, I don’t work out, I slack off on my knitting and much to mr. Smashlee dismay, I’m very very moody.

The poor guy is is probably already stressed from the yarn ALL OVER THE HOUSE…so I should probably cut him some slack and work really hard to get these goals knocked out.

I won’t bore you with everything i wrote down because  honestly  they invlove things like , clean the yoga, be nice to mr.Smashlee etc. but, here’s a sample of what’s on my agenda for the week.


  1. Finished the peacock blanket once and for all. I’ve been working on this thing FOREVER and  It’s been offically done 2 times . Howeever, it turns out I’m a bit of a prefectionist.  I’ve sewed on and ripped apart so many peacock feathers its not even funny. So, hopefully the feather placement will staisfy me this go around.

   2.  Knit a tutu exactly the same as this one.

    3. Blog everyday… what?? I know ive been a bit absence lately but, I’m trying….

   4.  Knit myself a beanie. I’ve put my designer hat back on and have a new pattern in the works.  Think lacy, think summer, think beanie…. it’s pretty cute if I do say so myself and well I want one.

So, send me some good motivational vibes….I’m gonna need them!!!

Peace out!




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