The Mini-he does Pinterest

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how there’s not a lot of knitting for boys. Yeah, there’s cute little man sweaters and monster pants but, its nothing compared to the cute items you see when you search for knitted girls items.

Because of this the wheels in my head have started spinning. I really think my next few design projects are going to involve some boy patterns. Where does a knitter go when he or she is looking for inspiration? Well, there’s usually two places. Ravelry and Pinterest.

I always start with Pinterest because well…. actually, I don’t have reason… Anyway, this morning I was pinteresing ( is that a word?) and the mini-he was being his usual toddler self and trying to climb and jump all over me.

Then it hit me. I sat him on my lap and told him to point at the pictures he loves. I mean how often do you have your demographic all up in your face? Might as well take advantage and use him for his toddler wisdom.

After a solid 10 minutes of wrestling mini-he for the mouse he eventually managed to narrow everything down to his top 5 pins. Enjoy!


First up… The Roadway Throw by Rebecca J. Venton


The mini-he’s thoughts: The boy took my truck.  ( he has the trucks featured on the blanket) and mama knitting it for me.  ( I resisted the urge to tell him its crochet.. although I truly believe all boys/men should know the difference. Why not start teaching them when they are young and impressionable? )


Boys Will Be Boys Blanket


The mini-he’s thoughts: ohh a helicopter.


Road Map Playmate By Sirdar featured in the book Nursery Knit for Boys


The mini-he thoughts: Look! its me!

The baby is not the mini-he, but hey, whatever. He can self-indentify however he wants. At least he’s on a knit blanket.

Nemo and Dory Hats


The mini-he thoughts: The fish eat me.

Patriotic Buddy – Kid Hero by Mary Smith


The mini-he thoughts: knitting it on my body.

Considering its a toy…no.

So what did I learn? Absolutely nothing. Well, except for  that the mini-he may have a thing for crochet and apparently really wants blanket.

If you would like to find me on  Pinterest just click here.

And just for the record.. here’s my top pin. Ya, I know, Its a cute baby sweater.


Thank you for reading and happy knitting!


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