The 2016 Knitting Bucket List

I meant to write this post on January 1st … It was suppose to lay out my plan for knocking out 1o or so items off my Knitting bucket list this year. It was going to fit in perfectly with all the other new years resolutions out there. It was going to be awesome, and witty and perfect. However, now that I’m like months and months  late on this post, its not going to make as much sense or will it fit  as perfectly as I originally intended. It’s almost the end of May, I’m tired but, the minis are tucked away in their beds for the night (fingers crossed) so, bare with me as I write this post anyway.

Mrs. Smashlee modeling a new Smashlee Stitches hat design.


When I originally set out on my blogging journey years ago, I had no idea what to write about, so I did what I know how to do best… make goals. That’s when the knitting bucket list was born. Its 100 knitting goals that have to do with everything from learning how to crochet, to knitting a sock monkey, and visiting a sheep farm.  It was all suppose to be accomplished by now but, as any parent knows having kids means everything takes a million times longer then it should. Since, I probably won’t complete this list till I’m 90 years old. I figured why not just break the list up a bit, and make a 2016 bucket list with things I actually think I can accomplish this year.

So without further ado, here is the 2016 bucket list

  1. Complete 10 craftsy classes
  2. Knit a Dr. Who themed blanket
  3. Knit swatches of all the stitches in the 400 stitches book
  4. Have no unfinished projects.
  5. Only have one project on the go at a time
  6. Be part of a mystery knit along
  7.  Knit 10 projects from Mochi Mochi Land
  8. Knit a Sock monkey
  9.  Learn to Crochet
  10. Use up all the yarn in my stash.

There you have it.. The 10 goals I want to accomplish in 2016.

Right now, I’m working I’m taking a craftsy class called Seaming Hand knits by Chris Bysma. Its incredibly fascinating ( can you say geek much??).  I’ll just keep knocking these classes out till I’ve conquered 10 of them.

June will hopefully bring the completion of the Dr. Who themed blanket and after that I’ll just keep going down the list.

Wish me luck as I try to finally make some progress on these goals.

On a side note, I promise to blog more when the kids promise to go to bed on time…so until then…

Thanks for reading and happy knitting!






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