I could knit that…

my newest hat design that was inspired by my aunt and by all the shopping I pretend to do.

Lately, I’ve been in the mood to shop. I don’t know if I I actually want to buy something, or that I just want to look at stuff.  Since, its comfy cozy season…meaning, its okay to wear to hand knit stuff now that its winter, I find myself especially drawn to clothing stores. There is a problem though, and I think many crafters can relate, I look at a beautiful sweater, scarf, hat, mittens etc. and the first thought is…I could knit that.

Yes, the yarn would cost more then the item’s price tag, and it would take me hours ( sometimes days or weeks) to duplicate the stitch, style and colour. BUT, I could knit that. So I won’t buy it. Even though, I’ll probably never knit it.

And if I were to give in and buy the machine knit item, everytime I wear it, someone will ask ” oh, wow! Did you knit that?”

And then I answer like a crazy person… “Nope, no i didn’t. I bought it H&M for $39.99 I could knit it though, If I wanted to…..Which I do…. But,I haven’t yet… you know… toddlers…they never sleep…I swear one day I will knit it though…Once the kids are grown and the sweater is out of style… so many projects…so Little time. Ha ha ha”

Usually the person who asked has walked away from me at this point or changed the subject because clearly thats not the answer they wanted or expected.

However, There is a plus side to fall/winter fashion. If I put on my design hat. I could look at this time of year as opportunity for inspriation. Not only could I knit that…I could design that, and write that pattern out and help other people knit “that” too.

I don’t want to make carbon copies of mass produced items but, rather use this as market research.

What kind of sweaters are for sale? Stripes, cables, ugly christmas?  long or short? Cardigan or pull over? Can I make something that works with leggings? Speaking of leggings maybe some leg warmers, or boot cuffs?

See what I am saying? I should go to mall just so I can become a better designer. Too bad its Christmas time and the malls are jammed pack with crazy shoppers. On second thought, I think maybe I’ll skip the mall and stay at home , surf the web and window shop that way… Its almost, sort of the same thing…


One thought on “I could knit that…

  1. The exact same things were going through my mind lately!
    I was deeply annoyed when I descovered some cowls at WAL-Mart. They looked like hand-knit items, fair isle almost. They were soft and beautiful. And the most annoying thing – the prize was only around $ 10. How can someone make a living with handmade stuff when the big chains are able to sell look-alikes for a fraction of the prize?! And whom are we kidding, most people can’t tell the difference between a handmade item and a store bought one.
    Many greetings from Virginia, ivonne


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