Family projects 

Almost all of my knitting has been about family in the last few weeks. Every other project I was working on was simply tossed aside, for the moment.

In the immediate days following my Grandpa’s passing, I pretty much sat in my PJs, turned on Netflix , watched endless hours of HGTV interior design shows and let the mini’s pretty much destroy the house. They pulled out every toy they own ( which is ALOT) and my living room was cluttered with everything from Barbies to Hotwheels. I didn’t really care though. I mean, it would be embarrassing if anyone stopped by randomly but, at the same time it very healing. And it’s amazing how much knitting one can get done when they don’t clean up the house.

I had quite the pile of finished projects once I was done netflix binging so, let me share a few of them with you.image

One of cousin’s is due with her second baby very soon, and i got the honour of knitting him a cute little owl hat and crocheted some booties to match. His big sister also got a hat I call the “dylan” hat. It was an ear flap design I wrote last year and just never published (yet).


Another one of cousins got a bearded hat. And trust me, most the family tired this hat on and I promptly got requests for 3 more. Here’s a picture of one of them. No, I’m not modelling it. I have tried it on a few times, but, No one needs to see that. Trust me.

I finally giving my mom her sweater but, I also made her a crocheted shawl. It’s indentical to the one I made a few months ago. Sadly I didn’t take a picture of either item.

On the way home, Mr.Smashlee stopped by a yarn store so I could also have some retail therapy . The day before he had surprised me with all the current issues of my favorite knitting magazines.  

What can  I say, I don’t want to brag but, I married a very smart man.

I have few more projects to finish for family and the In I will dive back into my knitting bag and get back on track with my All my other projects that are on the go.

Thanks for reading!


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