knitting when I can…

I thought once school started life would slow down a bit. Turns out I was wrong, with driving her to and from school, plus the birthday parties, the girl guides and play dates it seems life got busier. I’m slowly finding my way though, and a new routine is forming in our household to accommodate the new schedule. Knitting is finding its way in, even its only 15 minutes here or there but, I’m learning to use my time wisely and efficiently. I’m very thankful the mini-he still naps because when he’s fast asleep and the mini-me is away at school. I put my audiobooks on, knit my heart out and really really enjoy just being alone for an hour or so.

What’s on my needles

Right now I still working on the rainbow sampler baby blanket. I am on square 7 and back to the colour yellow.

This particular pattern took me a bit to catch on to, its not a difficult pattern but, it does require some concentration. After,, frogging my work 3 or 4 times I finally got the hang of it and am now very much enjoying the beauty of the stitches.

The Bucket List

Project “Knit up the yarn stash” is still very much under way. I’m managing to assign 3 or 4 skeins a night with a  pattern and due date and a place in my ravelry queue.

I’m quickly realizing I’m going to need another tub, not because I need more yarn storage but, simply because I want to sort  out the project into two main categories, weekday knitting ( inventory for my etsy shop) and weekend knitting (projects for myself and my family). This way it keeps things a little neater and accessible.

What I’m listening to


I’m a big fan of podcasts and one of favorites right now is Happier by Gretchen Rubin. It’s about..well.. being happier. Its a fun. quirky podcast hosted by author Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth. Together they share lots of ideas on how to make our lives easier,funner and happier! The podcasts about 30 mins in length and I always find myself smiling after I listen. Its great for a distraction while I’m cleaning the house. In a nut shell it just makes me happy.

Thanks for reading!



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