Not much on my needles this weekend…

I’ll admit it..I didn’t do alot of knitting this past weekend. About 2 hours total for the whole weekend. I thought I was getting sick but, it appears I was wrong ( hopefully). The first sign of a cold for me is my skin dries out.  Its kinda weird but, my hands, nose and cheeks become so dry they almost start to crack. I’ll be perfectly fine one day and then the next wake up with extremely dry skin, then the day after thay, I will have a full blown cold or flu.

All of Saturday and Sunday I felt ran down, I had really dry skin, it felt like my throat was on the verge of being sore and then poof it all went away. I feel completely fine today.

It wasn’t a wasted weekend though, I did make some progress on desiging my boot cuff pattern .

I have finished one boot cuff and although its a very simple design, it is  exactly what i was envisioning. I wanted to show off the yarn, not the stitches.

I’m not crazy about the circumference of this boot cuff though. I personally feel its a little loose for my calves. I tend to wear leggings alot and I just would prefer something tighter. I have re-written the pattern slightly and am knitting a smaller version to see if that fits a bit better. I do know not everyone is like me though, so I was thinking of offering a small/med size and a larger size in the pattern. I know most boot cuffs are one size fits all but, I wanted to add options for those who may want a looser fit.

So what do you think, should I stick with the “average” size or should I go with different sizes in my boot cuff design? Comment and let know!

Thanks for reading!



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