I did it…With a little help from a friend!

Last week I posted about a blanket I was knitting. I was stuck on a square and I just could understand how to complete the pattern properly. So, I reached out to you guys to help me understand the directions.

Well, I\m very happy to report that I got just what I needed.  A massive thank you to Talya from Duck and Cover. She took the time to figure out the pattern and re-write clearer instructions. You can read her blog post about it here. The humorous instructions had me laughing out loud and wishing all patterns were written like this.
I did manage to finish my square with one minor mishap.. In all my excitement in FINALLY understanding what the pattern was calling for, I missed two rows. I never even noticed until I was taking pictures of it this afternoon. I’ll probably end up re-knitting it. Or maybe not. I’m not sure…I’m going to sleep on it and then decide on how much it actually annoys me. It is sort of obvious. Can you spot where I screwed up?

Again a big big thanks to Talya. You saved my sanity.  I will be working the next few square this week ( hopefully with no trouble).and I cannot wait to see the final project.

Thanks so much for reading!



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