The unforgettable shawl

I’m going through all my WIP (work in progress) knitting projects and this weekend I continued on a shawl I’m making for mr.smashlee’s aunt.

I don’t even know how many times I’ve ripped out this project. I’ve changed pattern numerous times and was just hating how it was turning out. This weekend, I got back to drawing board and searched Ravelry once again for a better pattern.  This time though, I did something daring ( to me, at least) and decided to open up the search for ther perfect shawl pattern to both crochet and knit patterns.

I ended up stumbling upon a crochet pattern that looked promising. There was this like voice inside  that was screaming,” you can’t do that…. Your not great at crochet! Knit patterns only!” But I ignored it.

I had the right yarn ( red heart unforgettable) and hook size (6.0mm) so,I couldn’t say no. Worse case senario, I would just rip it out again and start over.

The main reason, I chose this pattern is because there is has a you tube video that goes along with it.  someone took this time to show step by step ( or stitch by stitch) how to successfully crochet this shawl.

This is just what I needed, so with the guidance of YouTube plus the pattern, i started once again on the shawl.

I am now proud to say I am more than half way done; and Fingers crossed that next week I’ll be posting pictures of the finished shawl . Then I can move on to another project and I’m one step closer to casting on a something new, guilt free!!!

For info on the pattern and YouTube video please see below,

The pattern

Coraline in the wine country

YouTube video

Thanks for reading!


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