Good things come to those who wait.

Last month, was my birthday. I bring this up because, I just got one my birthday presents in the mail.

Now, it wasn’t late on purpose. It was on back order and I very anxiously got to pick it up from the post office yesterday.

What was this wonderful gift?

It was the knitting needles I have always dreamed of. My parents saw that I had blogged about my ideal needles and how I had been drooling over them. I was going to buy them for myself as a birthday present but, Mom and Dad beat me to it. However, like I said above, they were actually on back order. I had the option of choosing another set of needles but, I had my heart set on this particular brand.

The Knitter’s Pride dreamz symfonie wood
interchangeable 16″ circular needle set.  There are a few reason why these are my needles of choice

  1.  I only use circular needles.  I’m so clumsy that when I use traditonal needles It becomes hazardous; meaning I drop them a lot. Circulars are just safer for me and my knitting.
  2. I love 16″ circulars . They can be hard to find in interchangeable sets so, when I stumbled upon this pair if was a must have.
  3. I also love coloured needles. It helps me indentify what size they are and they are just so pretty.
  4. Each set of needle tips is labelled with the size! I never understood why needle manufactures don’t always print or embed the size on the actual needle. The fact that these needles are labeled twice are a  major plus.   

The only downside is that these needles are wood. I tend to be rough on my needles and have been known to snap the tips off. I usually opt for metal needles because they don’t break as easy. the knitter pride needles appear to be very well made, so I’m confident they won’t break. However, time will tell if they can hold up.
I will be working on a baby blanket tonight and I am so excited to test them out.

Thanks mom and dad for the awesome birthday present!!!

If you would like to order your own pair check out these links.

Canada :  Wool -Tyme

USA: Webs

Knitter’s Pride Website

and for more info check out this YouTube video.

Thanks for reading!!


2 thoughts on “Good things come to those who wait.

  1. Make sure your parents KEEP the receipt for them. There have been various comments floating around Ravelry about the fact that these needles snap relatively easy. This may not happen to you- I know a lot of people who are happily knitting on them. But if they do snap- Knitter’s Pride will replace them… as long as you have the receipt.


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