Hey Mom, look what I made!!!

The sweater that took a million years to knit is finally done. It’s “blocked” and It’s amazingly soft. There’s only one tiny, itsy bitsy problem. It has no buttons.

It needs 6 buttons. I have 5. I know my mom won’t care but, I do.

So, it’s off to find six matching buttons tomorrow. Then I can officially cross this item of the bucket list. Once, the buttons are attached I’m going to model it because, these pics don’t do it justice.

I imagine myself wearing this sweater in a blue or purple. I really do plan to knit one for myself.  First though ,I want to start at the very beginning of the pattern book ( Sublime #658, The Fifth Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK Book)  and attempt to knit the first pattern Pique. I’m a little OCD when it come to patterns and basically, I have this strong desire to knit every pattern in every book I own, in the yarn they suggest, Maybe i’ll wear it, Maybe i’ll sell it on Etsy. but, I think its going to be two toned purple.


The yarn used is called sublime extra fine Merino dk wool. I don’t often knit with actual wool but, this yarn has me really understanding why many Knitter’s choose the more expensive “real” yarns over department store acrylics. Yup, I’m becoming a yarn snob. Bye bye red heart… Hello merino!

Anyway, thank you Mom for allowing me to knit this sweater for you. It was quite a (lovely) experience. It’s cool if you never wear it , but, I know you will wear it till it falls apart. Just like you proudly hung my drawings on the wall when I was 4 even though you had no idea if it was dinosaur or rainbow. You’ve always been awesome like that. And sorry it took many years to knit. I did give you grandchildren in the meantime…so, I do have a good excuse. It will be in the mail soon along with the socks Dad left here when you visited last. Are you crying yet? I thought so…XOXO Love you!!!


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