Not Your Grandma’s Slippers…

The basic knit slipper. That’s what I call it anyway; I don’t know actual the pattern name but, its one of those knitted items everyone owns. Any of us who have been blessed to have a relative that knits has probably received a pair as a gift. Actually, prior to becoming a knitter myself, these slippers are what I thought of when someone mentioned knitting.


You know the pattern, its been around FOREVER. I’ve even knit a pair or two myself but, truth be told they aren’t my favorite thing to knit. As I mentioned above, its a very popular timeless patterns. Its a staple. But, when I started out to knit I was determined to make knitting cool. I had just turned 25 and  I didn’t want to categorized myself with grandmas. I avoid this pattern at all costs unless someone begged me to make them a pair.

Now that I’m older and wiser, I’m okay with having a hobby in common with those who are older than myself but, I still don’t love the pattern. When I was on holidays one of best friends showed me a pair of slippers her child had and asked me if I could make an adult pair for her sister. As you can probably guess, the slippers were of the basic knitted slipper variety. The child pair she showed me was different though. It looked modern and not so grandma-ish. What changed??

These slippers were made from super bulky yarn and had wonderful rainbow colours. I dragged my friend down to Michaels to show her the yarn choices for her sister pair. We chose bernat blanket yarn in a wonderful teal and brown colour. Its crazy soft. It will be simple and easy, it will take no time at all.

Well… here’s the thing… all the patterns I found for this basic slipper were made with very different yarn weights and needle sizes. None of which were made with super bulky yarn we chose.

I know a bit about pattern construction and even more about how to knit slippers so I’ve been fumbling my way through this pair of slippers. I’m basically re-writing the pattern as I go so it will work for the chunky yarn we .

I’ve only re knit them 3 times or so far but, this morning I finally got it.

Not bad eh?

Now, I\m just waiting for the minis to go to bed so I can knit its mate.

What’s your feeling on the basic slipper, do you love them or hate them? I’d love to hear your opinions so, please feel free to comment!

Thanks so much for reading.


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