Trying to get my groove back…

Did you miss me?? I’ve been off visiting family and friends for the last few week and trying to squeeze in as much fun as we can before the mini-me goes off to kindergarten next month.

There hasn’t been a lot of knitting or blogging going on, and if I’m honest, its taking a lot of determination to get back into the blogging routine. Mostly, because I haven’t really had much to talk about. This is a knitting blog after all. If I’m not knitting what’s there left to talk about?  But, now that summer is winding down and my daily routine is back, I feel like If I don’t write a blog post now then I might never write one again. So, please bare with me as I find my groove again.

The only thing  I did manage to finish knitting in the past two weeks was my Mom’s sweater. The Ends are even weaved in (the part I HATE the most) and all that’s really left to do it block it and sew some buttons on.

This sweater desperately needs to be blocked. If your familiar with knitting, you probably know what I mean by that last sentence but, if not here’s a quick lesson.

I am using real wool for the this project and the wonderful thing about wool is you can mold it and shape it when it’s wet. That’s essentially what “blocking” is.  First, the sweater will get a nice bath in my tub and then I will shape it to my mom’s measurements. this process will straighten out my stitches and hopefully make this sweater look amazing.

Now, I’m not a pro at this by any means, so if you want to see more I suggest checking out this video by knit picks. It shows some great examples on how to block a sweater.

This is what I will be spending my day doing tomorrow. I’ll report back  and show you the results. Good or bad. Fingers crossed that it goes well!

Well,there you have it. I’m officially back to blogging! That wasn’t so hard…

See you all back here tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!!



3 thoughts on “Trying to get my groove back…

  1. Glad to know that you had a great vacation. It is good to get away from your routine and have fun. You can blog about great moments you experienced. I’m a crocheter mostly, sometime knitter, and I know the pleasure (ugh) of blocking.

    Have a beautiful week!

    Lola the Crocheter

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