Felted Slippers

I’d like to say I accomplished a lot this past week but, I didn’t. My goal of 5 pairs of slippers did not happened. Everything was so off this past week. The mini’s were grumpy, I was grumpy, the house was messy and I got REALLY mad at my yarn stash…

I knit one slipper but, I think I’m slippered out for now. I’m going to break my rules once again and knit the whole rest of the week on my Mom’s sweater. I’m so very close to done and I would love to show it off and FINALLY mail to my mom.

If you remember my post from last week I did mention that I was felting some slippers. Since, I don’t have anything to show off I thought i’d share my before and afters of the felted slippers.

I love felting. You create something so humongous, its laughable and then you stick it washer and do a few loads of laundry and the poof! by magic you create a totally awesome felted item.

This was my first time knitting up this exact pattern but, I think i did alright. They almost turned out exactly how I pictured it.

Anyway, here is the before pictures.

the slipper before felting next to a shoe for scale.

and the after.

It only took 3 washes in a HE machine to get these the size I needed them. I just threw them in with my clothes, and then filled the slipper with plastic bags to shape it into a slipper.

pretty cool huh? I’m thinking since I love felting so much, I should really do it more…

anybody got any ideas on what my next project should be? comment and let me know what your favorite item to felt is and what brand of yarn do like to use when felting?

Thanks for reading!


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