Baby boy knitting 

this Fall I’m going to have a lot of baby knitting to do… No, no, not for me but, for two of my BFFs that are having baby boys.

Girls are easy to knit for but, for boys the patterns are limited.

I’ve narrowed it down 5 options for projects that I think would look so cute on my friends babies. Here they are…

Combat booties 


Classic blanket and hat   

Cabled sleep sack  

 I have such a hard time deciding on what would make the best gift. Help me decide! Comment and  let me know which is your favorite! 

Thanks for reading !




5 thoughts on “Baby boy knitting 

  1. Michelle

    I think the fedora’s are adorable! If you made them in my size that would be awesome!!! Lol! I think your friends would like any of those as they are all cute! I like the combat boots, if they keep the babies feet warm, that might help too, depending on when they are due. ( thinking winter time)


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