is it bedtime yet?!?!

It is one hour before the mini’s bedtime and I CANNOT wait. 

This week knitting time has been few and far between. There’s too much house work, too many errands and not enough free time to sit and knit away.

I feel like my whole day from like 7 AM on is spent cleaning up messes, making food and changing diapers. It’s exhausting. 

I have wonderful knitting intentions. I start out every day with a list of projects I want to get done and I’m lucky if one of those items gets done.

Today I have spent zero time knitting, which is probably why I have nothing interesting to say today on the subject.


the lonely knitting bag…
As the clock is ticking away (slowly)  towards the mini’s bed time I dream of the moment of my when I plop down on the couch and grab my needles and knit until I can’t keep eyes open any longer.

I know , I know, one day they won’t be so mini anymore and I will have an abundance of knitting time but, that doesn’t stop the fact I could seriously use some un-interrupted knitting therapy.

But, before I can indulge I must read stories, find teddy bears and kiss little foreheads.

Goodnight all.



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