Mr. Smashlee and his slippers

Ok, I’m just come out and say it… bucket list item #43. Knit my husband something he will actually wear on a regular basis. IS COMPLETED!!!

By all appearances this  bucket list item was suppose to be an easy one. But it wasn’t…

He’s a pretty picky guy. Sometimes this is a good thing. But most times it’s annoying. 

I made two pairs of slippers before I satisfied his standards. remember my last post about this?  Ya, i thought I had it all figured out but, apparently not.

There’s was two disagreement about the last pair.I was fixing the ribbing on the slippers when mr. Smashlee “suggested”  the stitches be tighter  and the he “reminded” me there should be no hint of a seam anywhere on the slipper. I only threw my needles once ( not at him directly, just in his general direction) but, we survived rid and I’m happy to say we are still married.

 I went down three needle sizes, used up 1.5 jumbo balls of black yarn, took three slipper patterns and combined them into one and became fluent in Kitchener stitch

The result ? A pair of slippers he says he loves. Well, he actually said “these are good ” but, that’s mr. Smashlee speak for “I love them, you are an amazing knitter! thank you for taking the time to make these perfect! I will wear them constantly even when it’s +40 outside.”

 We all know action speaks louder then words. He  was wearing them when he got up this morning so, either he really does love them or his afraid I won’t say nice things about him on my blog.

Unfortunately my sneaky tactics of getting a picture of him in these slippers didn’t work. So, here’s me wearing them instead.

you’ll have to take my word for it, but he was wearing them most of the day. he did go outside and changed into his shoes and I’ll be honest that kinda irked me. But whatever, I suppose I should be reasonable and allow him to wear shoes.

He does think I should make slippers for the whole family now, including our 2 year old who would probably just end up eating them, instead of wearing them. This over the top flattery kinda makes me think he’s sucking up to me and wants a PS4 for his birthday.

 I’m not aganist this tactic.   I’m  cool with spending $500 on a birthday present but, he cannot take off his slippers.EVER!!!!!!

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