The sweater dress that escaped from the knitting closet of doom…

As I looking through my closet of bad knitting projects, I came across something that pulled at my heart strings.

When I found out I was pregnant with the mini-me I was still in my first year of knitting. I had made and completely ( not always successfully) about 15 projects but, since a new baby was coming I obviously had to knit for the future mini. 

I waited until I found out if the mini was he or she and quickly orders pink yarn. I had a sweater dress and cocoon to make.

If you are a long time reader of my blog you may have already have seen the cocoon.  

   I don’t really talk about the sweater dress. Not because it was bad project. I completed it , it functional and very pretty. I’m actually kind of impressed that it turned out the way it did. The problem with this sweater dress was simply, that it was just was never used.
The mini-me weighed only 6 lbs when she was born so, I tucked the sweater dress away. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t fit her till she was 9 months old or so. Well, when that time came , I was so tired and drained of energy because she never ever slept, that no one in our house wore anything but, pjs. I mean, why get dressed? If there was a chance to sleep I was  gonna take it.

  Well, the months dragged on and the mini out  grew it ( or so i thought) and I sort of just forgot about the sweater dress until today.

I pulled it out of the closet, remembering my good intentions and wishing she was little baby again. The sleep deprivation wasn’t really that bad, was it?

As I was looking at the dress the mini- me comes in to the room and says        ” mom, did you knit me shirt?”

“No hunny, it’s a dress mommy made when you when you were a baby.”

“No, Mommy it’s a shirt, see?” And she puts it on… And it fits… 5 years later.

So I suppose, in the end the mini-me knows best. It is hers after all. Time will tell if she will ever wear it as a shirt. But for now it will sit in her drawer and not in the knitting closet of doom.
Thanks for reading!


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