I think we are finally getting somewhere…

Today I finished one of mr. Smashlee  slippers. I wasn’t sure how he would like it. 

Before, I presented him with this slipper I had to make sure, mr. Smashlee was in was a good mood. 

I made sure he was well fed, watered and had gotten some sun. I let him sleep in till noon and even spent the majority of day cleaning my house. Once everything was in place , I presented him with the slipper to try on.

He nodded his head and said ” not too bad at all! It snug on my foot, which I really like. It fits really good, there’s no seam, I think they will work.”

HA, I think I’ve done it! He likes the slipper!!! 

I would tell you about the little happy dance I did when he left the room but, you’d probably laugh at me so I’ll leave that part of story out.

Now, call me crazy but, I think I’m going to remake the slipper. Upon closer examination I’ve decided that the ribbing should be tighter. I need to take out like 2 stitches. I could leave it and it would be fine but, it’s gonna drive me crazy. 

I want him to wear these slippers and I know he would appericate them tighter so, tonight and tomorrow I will re-make them, Add the double sole and grippy bottoms.

Even though it’s mid summer and crazy hot, he better wear them and never ever ever take them off. Just kidding… Not really… Well okay, he can take them off when he showers, after he tells me how much he loves them.

Thanks for reading!!


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