mermaid afghans

Last week, I was working on mermaid blankets all week.

I had 3 mermaid afghans to make and basically 2 of them were finished or close to finished. I had just started the last one, which was rainbow coloured.

However, the mini me has informed me, it is not a rainbow afghan as it does not have yellow or orange in it.

Fine. Whatever. I was hoping no one would notice but, apparently I’m fooling no one. So it’s just called the brightly coloured mermaid tail now.

Anyway, I’m very proud to say mermaid tails are done!!

These tails were mailed off to there new home today!

The last mermaid tail, the blue one, is for the mini-me. It is also done.
Here’s the mini-me using it.

You have no idea how hard this picture was to get…  

  It involved out takes such as these…


Ah well… The point is they are done!!!

This week is all about slippers.

The list goes something like this

  • Mr.smashlee slippers
  • Nhl slippers
  • Calgary Flames sneakers
  • Rainbow mukluks 
  • Felted clogs.

No way I’m getting that all done this week but, it’s nice to have goals I guess.

What are you working on this week?

Comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading,


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