This is what happens when you don’t  call the knitting help line….

I don’t exactly know why but, back when I was new knitter, I decided it would be good idea to attempt to knit a sweater. I had made two scarves after all, and they looked ….okay… A sweater seemed like the next logical step.

I had been knitting for less than 3 months when I bought a pattern book from Sidrar called big softie. 

I was captivated by the bright chunky sweaters. 

There was this one page, I fell so much in love with because it was pink. I was going to knit myself chunky sweater and I was going to wear it everywhere. It would marvled  by my family and friends. It would be the best sweater ever knit. And it would look exactly like.. NO! , it would look BETTER than the picture!

I went to Michaels and picked out a “light” pink super chunky yarn. 

That was my first mistake. I hated the colour! It wasn’t suppose to be light pink! it was suppose to bright pink! For some reason michaels did not carry Sidrar yarns. It must be because, it’s UK yarn line! Hahahahahaha…. I had no idea that yarn could be order online and that micheals was NOT the best place to by yarn.

So,Instead of using Sidrar’s big softie yarn I used lion brand wool ease thick and quick. It was a super bulky wool so, it should work right?!

I went home and immediately cast on. Who needs a gauge swatch? Risky, I know! But honestly, the sweater is the right size so, somehow I lucked out.

In the end The problem with the sweater lied with the fact, that I pretty much had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING! I fumbled through the instructions. I barely knew how to purl, I didn’t know how to pick up stitches and I had never ever sewn anything together.

I got some help from my Knittting instructor with how to Read the pattern and  but, mostly I was on my own. There was a knitting help hotline in the book to assist with any questions but,It was a UK number and I was warned by the future mr. Smashlee that under no circumstances was I to call that number. he knew I would  sit on the phone all day just so I could hear someone talk British to me. That would be EXPENSIVE! 

Anyway, somehow I made it through, and I finished knitting all the pieces and all that was left was the seaming.

I grabbed my tapestry needle and went to town. I did exactly what the instuctions said to do, I swear! I tried it on and it fit …kinda but, it did not look like the picture at all! 

I brought it to knitting club the next week and presented it to the knitting Guru( my knitting teacher), who promptly told me I seamed it together the wrong way. All my seams were on the outside of the sweater. And my collar and sleeves were also placed a little wonky. Making the sweater wearable but, kinda uncomfortable and akward.
I was so mad, I could cry. I wasn’t going to re-do the seams.This sweater and I were officially done. It has lived in the closet ever since.

My major regret with the sweater? Not calling the knitting hotline. Maybe they could have saved me from myself!

Oh well.. I think about the sweater sometimes and I wonder if I should re-make it , with the proper yarn, of course.

So, What do you guys think , should I re-make the sweater or live and let live?

Comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “This is what happens when you don’t  call the knitting help line….

  1. Rita Langille

    I say you totally have to remake it to put this in the past. Then throw out the old one, no need to remember the mistakes.


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