Hug a Canadian today

It’s Canada day today. Traditionally, I spend today celebrating being Canadian by wearing red, eating French fries and cheese curd and sticking paper Canadian flags in my hair . I wait all day for nightfall to watch fireworks. Which are always too loud for me but, that’s okay.

It’s a fun day, but since I’ve had the mini’s, my Canada days have been more exhausting then relaxing. Since, today is a holiday I declared it a no knitting day. Today’s agenda included hours and hours at local swimming pool, ice cream, crawling in bouncy houses and playing on playgrounds. I am so exhausted I can hardly lift my needles. 

I really wish I could attend fireworks tonight but, 5am comes way way way to early. Tonight I will  curl up in bed and watch a few episodes of some pointless reality show. Oh ya, there will be popcorn too. That probably means I’m getting old but, oh well… Good night world!

Oh one last thing…Hug a Canadian today if you can. Especially the tired ones, we like hugs! 

Happy Canada day!


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