Why are husbands so hard to knit for???

Mr. Smashlee has been bugging me for a pair of slippers for a long time now. He mentions it about once or twice a week. I feel like a bad wife because how often to husbands actually want hand knit items? I should be breaking out the needles and knitting up a storm just for my dear husband. However, you gotta understand… He’s a picky fellow. They have to be just the right style, texture, colour and cannot be a even a tiny bit too big or he won’t wear them. 
Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy to pieces, he just sucks to knit for.

Now the real question is… Am I over thinking this? Maybe, he really isn’t that bad and I just am so worried he will hate them, that I’ve blown it way out of proportion. 

It’s one thing to knit for other guys in my life my dad, brother and mini-he . They all have received knitted gifts but, not mr.smashlee.
I can’t even choose a slipper pattern, I’ve have knit tons and tons and tons of slippers but, it’s like I have the complete inability to choose a pattern that it suitable.
I made this a bucket list item (#43. Knit my husband something he will actually wear on a regular basis. )So it’s not like I don’t want to knit him anything. But every pattern I come across just doesn’t seem right.

What do you guys think, should I just suck it up and knit the guy some slippers? Does anyone else have trouble knitting for their husbands? Comment and let me know…
Thanks for reading!


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