I forgot 

So I’m spending a few days visiting my inlaws. When packing I always try to pack enough knitting projects for the length of time I am out here. I thought I had it all planned out but it turned out I was so so so so so wrong.

I packed my moms sweater, but I forgot my needles.

I packed the Ottawa Senators slippers, which are done but, I forgot the grippy bottoms to sew on.

I packed the mini’s mermaid blanket but, I forgot the extra yarn for the fin.

I packed the finished pieces for the make-up bag but, I forgot to buy the fabric on the way here.

Lucky for me, I had picked up a big box of colourful yarn from the mailbox before I left.

Inside there was enough yarn for two more mermaid blankets. I packed my crochet hook. So, mermaid blankets are all I have been and will be making until I get home.

The first one I have a pretty good start on.

It is nice to focus on just one project.

I’m thinking I need to forget more often.

Thanks for reading!



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