Knitting a garden

bucket list item #13 knitting a garden 

Sounds strange right? Well I’m not the first person to think of this. It’s a book by Jan Meesent called knitted gardens

I’ve owned this book for a while because it fascinates me. Its been sitting on my night stand and last week I finally picked it up again. While I was flipping through it and deciding on wether or not it was time to knit a garden, the mini-me came in. 

She asked what I was doing and sat beside me on the bed and looked at book. I showed her all the pictures of the knitted gardens and blankets and pillows that were natured inspired. She was just as captivated as I was. After we looked at the book together I asked her what she thought if mommy knit a garden. Mini-me enthusiastically said yes and so the decision was made. Smashlee will knit a garden.

I’ve skimmed through this book many times but, over the last few days I’ve sat down and actually read the introduction.

The book is layed out in a way that will inspire you to create a one of a kind garden. Wether that is a display piece, a blanket , a jacket or whatever, the author is adamant that this book is used as a guide for creativity and not as a typical pattern book.

After much thought, I’m going to start out with a blanket. It’s knit in pieces and I suspect this will take me a long long long long time.

   I haven’t cast on yet, I’m still in the planning stages but, I’m wanting to use up as much yarn from stash as possible. I’m thinking my garden will look like something Dr.Suess created with all the array of bright colours. But that’s okay… I like Dr.Suess.

It sounds crazy but hey, nothing ventured ,nothing gained ,right? I mean my 4 year old thinks it’s a cool idea so why not?

I’ll be keeping you guys updated periodically on the progress of my knitted garden so, please stayed tuned!

Thanks for reading.



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