10 things new Knitter’s need to know…

I was thinking the other day about all the things I wish I knew when I started knitting. I had so much trouble learning to knit that I almost gave up. Thankfully, I got passed this but, had I known what I know now maybe, I wouldn’t have been so frustrated. 

So, if you are a new knitter or if you are thinking of trying to knit this post is for you.

10 things new Knitter’s should know

  1. It gets less akward and clumsy, I promise. Don’t give up because it feels difficult. The more knitting you do the better you will be.
  2. If you are having trouble don’t forget we live in the era of Google and YouTube. There is so many videos and written instructions to help you out with ANY knitting problem. 
  3. There’s is NO RIGHT way to knit. People may tell you otherwise but everyone holds their yarn and needles a little differently. There are two main ways to knit, English and continental. They have major differences so, I suggest you look up both methods. Don’t let anyone tell you one way is better or more correct. It’s personal preference.
  4. There is more to yarn and wool than what you see in wal-mart. Go to an actual yarn store and touch and feel all the types of wool. You will pay way more than $3 a ball, but it is worth it to spoil yourself. That being said Don’t pay $50 for you first ball of yarn. Just Buy a few skeins ( balls) of a soft superwash wool that’s about $10 a skein. It’s easier and less squeaky to work with.
  5. Since you are at the yarnstore anyway   pick yourself up a pair of circular knitting needles. You can knit back and forth on these or you can knit in there round.  The advantage to circulars is that, if you are clumsy like me you have less needles to drop. I know that may sound  confusing but just trust me…buy circular knitting needles.   
  6. www.ravelry.com You can thank me later.
  7.  Be brave and Don’t be afraid to try new things. Patterns can be scary but, once you break it down stitch by stitch it become much easier. If you need help reading patterns check this site out.
  8. Your first project will suck. In fact, you might not even get all the way through it before you decide your finished with it. You could be one of the lucky ones and be amazing right off the bat, but understand that is the exception not the rule. If you take on your first few projects as a learning experience instead of a ” I’m going to knit everyone in my family a sweater for Christmas” attitude. You will less likely to give up.
  9. Don’t assume crochet is easier. It may be for some people but, I do not find it easier. There are benefits to knowing and actively partaking in both crafts. But don’t crochet just because you think knitting is too hard.
  10. It’s okay to give up. If you have given it an honest go, finished a few projects and understand the basic techniques and still hate knitting then it’s okay to put the needles away.  Not everyone is meant to be a knitter, just like everyone is not meant to be a basketball player. 

Thanks for reading, and if your a seasoned knitter comment below and tell me what your top tips for beginner Knitter’s are.



    One thought on “10 things new Knitter’s need to know…

    1. Those points are awesome! I’m a crocheter (most points are relevant to newbies thwre too… ravelry is THE best and what would we do without youtube!), but I would love to learn how to knit. I think I’ll take the plunge and ask mum to show me some basics 🙂 Thank you

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