This week in Smashlee land

This past week I didn’t get a ton done. It’s been super warm so I’ve been spending lots of time outside with the minis. Right now, I’ve been mostly knitting once they are bed or taking a nap. However they do sleep better when they are outside l day.

 I thought I’d share  what I DID get get finished so ,enjoy!

 The Ottawa Senators slippers

They are finished . They were meant to be given to a teenage boy who is patient at CHEO ( children’s hospital of Easten Ontario) however, I screwed up and need to making a new pair with grippy bottoms. I use a no sew glue to attach them and then reinforce by hand sewing them. When you knit chairty slippers you can’t use latex , and I knew that but, totally forgot when I attached the bottoms this morning. So a new pair will be on the top my list this week.


the mini me mermaid afghan

It’s coming along.

I’ll be crocheting a bunch once everyone is in bed tonight. Everyday there mini-me scolds me for not working on her blanket when I’m doing the dishes or cooking. Four year olds make terrible bosses but, little does she know, I would love to sit there all day and knit. the real world doesn’t work that way and until I get a maid and chef , it’s part of what I do. Maybe one day I’ll have that luxury!

My moms sweater

The first cable panel is done. I need to make one more and then attach them to the front. Still waiting on ONE ball of yarn which I will only need a quarter of. I’ll finish the next panel this weekend and sew the side seam and work in my ends. I will all be finished and waiting for its final boarder.  

The make up bag

Wow ,I love these colours. I had to take this apart 3 times which was ….annoying…

The first time there  was one stitch was off but, it stuck out pretty bad so I frogged it and re knit it.  Then I notice that I messed of five stitches the second time so once again I ripped it out. Then I decided I didn’t like the colour order as It originally had some yellow in it as well , so I took it out and just knit more green.

The final product is below. This is back and I’m now working on the front piece, which is identical. Really excited to see how it turns out but, to be honest I’m not really sure how it goes together so, hopefully the final product looks like a make up bag.


So what are you making this week? Comment and let me know your projects!

Thanks for reading.


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